15 Curly Haircuts to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover the latest curly haircut ideas that will breathe new life into your spirals and coils.

Layered Bob

layered bob

A layered bob adds volume and movement, transforming dense curls into springy, lively tresses. Strategic layers alleviate weight from thicker hair, allowing curls to maintain their shape without being pulled down. This versatile cut works wonders in framing the face and is ideal for those looking for a low-maintenance, yet stylish curly hairstyle.

Shoulder-Length Curls

shoulder length curls

This cut offers a happy medium for those who love both length and bounce, striking a balance that showcases the natural curl without excess weight. Versatility shines through as it can be swept up for elegance or let down for a casual, playful look. Maintenance is a breeze; just a bit of curl-defining product and diffuse-drying does the trick.

Curly Pixie Cut

curly pixie cut

This cut breathes life into tight ringlets, accentuating the face with playful curls that demand little in terms of styling. Its versatile nature suits various face shapes, making it a go-to for those craving a daring, low-maintenance look. The pixie enhances curly texture, creating a dynamic, voluminous style that adds a modern twist to classic short hair.

Long Layers

long layers

Long layers give curls a cascading effect, adding dimension while reducing bulk. This cut allows for versatile styling, catering to both voluminous and tamed looks. The strategic placement of layers can define curls, promoting natural movement and ease of maintenance.

Asymmetrical Cut

asymmetrical cut

An asymmetrical cut transforms curly hair with different lengths on each side, adding an edgy twist. This style works wonders in showcasing the dynamic texture of curls. It offers a playful contrast that can be both bold and subtle, depending on the variation in length.

Deva Cut

deva cut

The Deva Cut is a dry-cutting technique performed on individual curls to respect each curl’s natural shape. This cut caters to the specific pattern and bounce of your curls, resulting in a harmonious silhouette. It allows for more defined curls and volume control, making it a favorite among those with natural curl patterns.

Shaggy Mullet

shaggy mullet

The shaggy mullet embraces a rebellious vibe with short front layers that gradually lengthen towards the back. Its textured appearance gives curly hair an edgy twist, blending retro style with modern flair. This cut offers volume at the crown, thinning to wispy ends for a playful, carefree look.

Curly Bangs

curly bangs

Curly bangs add a playful touch, framing the face with springy curls that defy conventional straight-across fringe. This style works wonders in balancing facial features, especially for those with rounder faces. They also offer versatility, easily pinned back or let loose for a more casual look.

Bouncy Lob

bouncy lob

Ideal for medium-length hair, the bouncy lob brings volume to curls, framing the face with a playful touch. This style works wonders in enhancing the hair’s natural springiness, making it a go-to for those craving movement without the commitment of long locks. Keeping curls well-defined and hydrated turns this cut into a showstopper that turns heads.

Angled Curly Cut

angled curly cut

This style features shorter lengths at the back, with curls cascading at a slant towards the front, framing the face gracefully. The cut adds bounce and movement, making it a lively choice for curly hair enthusiasts. Opting for this cut breathes life into ringlets, giving a modern twist to classic curls.

Curly Afro

curly afro

Embrace volume and texture with the Curly Afro, a style that celebrates natural curl patterns. This cut shapes the hair into a rounded silhouette, framing the face beautifully while maintaining an airy, light feel. It allows for versatile styling, ranging from a tightly coiled look to a more stretched-out, casual vibe.

Tapered Natural Cut

tapered natural cut

The tapered natural cut shapes the hair to blend shorter sides up into denser curls on top. This style reduces bulk and creates a sculpted silhouette that accentuates natural texture. It’s optimal for those aiming to streamline their curly maintenance routine while showcasing volume where it counts.

Rounded Frizzy Cut

rounded frizzy cut

A rounded frizzy cut embraces natural volume, with round layers to help control frizz while showcasing luscious curls. This cut softens facial features and offers a balanced silhouette, perfect for those with thick, frizz-prone hair. It creates a halo effect that adds playfulness and personality to your style.

Short Tight Ringlets

short tight ringlets

Embrace your tight ringlets with a cropped cut that plays up the hair’s natural volume and texture. This style reduces weight and allows for a defined spiral shape that’s both playful and easy to manage. Perfect for the bold and the spirited, the haircut amplifies curls for a striking statement.

Mid-Length Cut With Curly Ends

mid length cut with curly ends

A mid-length cut accentuates the natural volume of curls, especially when ending just below the shoulders. Curly ends add a playful twist to this versatile style, allowing for both casual and elegant looks. This haircut is perfect for those wanting to keep some length while showcasing their spirals.