15 Butterfly Cut Curly Hair Styles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover fresh ideas for a butterfly cut on curly hair to rejuvenate your look with volume and movement.

Cascading Layers Cut

cascading layers cut

This cut gives curls a waterfall effect, with each layer smoothly flowing into the next for a dynamic, voluminous look.

Asymmetrical Curl Bob

asymmetrical curl bob

An asymmetrical curl bob gives an edgy twist to classic curls, adding dimension with uneven lengths that frame the face playfully.

Pixie Curl Cut With Undercut

pixie curl cut with undercut

This edgy style combines tight undercut sides with the playful bounce of cropped curls on top for a bold contrast.

Voluminous Afro Butterfly Cut

voluminous afro butterfly cut

This style amplifies the natural volume and shape of afro-textured hair, sculpting the curls to cascade from a central part, akin to the wings of a butterfly.

Long Layered Dream Curls

long layered dream curls

This style brings life to long curls, giving them movement and reducing bulk without sacrificing length.

Spiral Curl Shag With Bangs

spiral curl shag with bangs

The Spiral Curl Shag with Bangs infuses a retro vibe with its tousled layers and curly fringe, perfect for dynamic volume and a touch of whimsy.

Rounded Deva Cut

rounded deva cut

The Rounded Deva Cut gives curly hair a balanced shape by trimming curls in their natural state, emphasizing each ringlet’s bounce and reducing bulkiness.

Waterfall Curl Cut

waterfall curl cut

The Waterfall Curl Cut lets curls cascade gracefully, resembling the flow of a waterfall for an elegant and dynamic look.

Tapered Natural Curl Cut

tapered natural curl cut

The Tapered Natural Curl Cut shapes the hair into a narrower silhouette at the nape, highlighting the innate bounce of curls.

Curly Cue Pixie Dust Cut

curly cue pixie dust cut

The Curly Cue Pixie Dust Cut infuses whimsy into short hair with spirals that dance around the face, creating a playful and lightweight silhouette perfect for a sprightly look.

Bouncy Bob With Side Part

bouncy bob with side part

This style injects life into curls, providing a playful bounce and a hint of sophistication with a chic side part.

Shoulder-Grazing Spiral Splendour

shoulder grazing spiral splendour

This cut falls delicately just above the shoulders, giving your curls a chance to bounce and frame your face with vibrancy.

Curly Curtain Bangs

curly curtain bangs

Curly curtain bangs frame the face softly, offering a flirtatious and retro edge to the butterfly cut.

Half-Moon Curly Cut

half moon curly cut

Delicate, round shaping at the back mirrors a crescent silhouette, giving softness and balance to tight curls.

Angled Curl Lob

angled curl lob

The Angled Curl Lob combines a sharp diagonal cut with bouncy curls to frame the face and add a modern twist to classic lob styles.