15 Modern Mullet Curly Hair Styles to Inspire Your New Look

Discover fresh and creative ways to style a modern mullet with curly hair, offering versatility and flair to your look.

Classic Mullet With Tapered Sides

classic mullet with tapered sides

This style blends the mullet’s traditional allure with a polished gradient on the sides for a modern twist on a retro favorite.

Curly Top With a Faded Mullet

curly top with a faded mullet

This modern mullet variation combines a voluminous mass of curls on top that gradually fades into a neat, understated nape, balancing edge with elegance.

Disconnected Curly Mullet

disconnected curly mullet

A disconnected curly mullet combines bold contrasts with loose curls on top flowing into a sharply delineated, shorter length at the sides.

Long Curly Mullet With Undercut

long curly mullet with undercut

This style fuses the volume of elongated curls at the top with a striking, clean-shaven undercut for a daring contrast.

Short Textured Mullet for Tight Curls

short textured mullet for tight curls

This style embraces the volume of tight curls, cropped close on the sides but left playful and textured on top, marrying classic structure with spirited dynamism.

Asymmetrical Curly Mullet

asymmetrical curly mullet

The asymmetrical curly mullet incorporates uneven lengths for an edgy, contemporary twist on the classic style, creating visual interest and movement.

Curly Mullet With Shaved Design

curly mullet with shaved design

Adding a shaved design breathes edgy creativity into the curly mullet, offering a personalized touch of artistry to this retro style.

Voluminous Mullet With Side Part

voluminous mullet with side part

Embrace a stylish contrast by pairing a pronounced side part with full-bodied curls cascading into a classic mullet silhouette.

Wet Look Curly Mullet

wet look curly mullet

Achieve an edgy, water-fresh finish by styling your curly mullet to maintain that just-out-of-the-shower look all day.

Mohawk-Inspired Curly Mullet

mohawk inspired curly mullet

The Mohawk-Inspired Curly Mullet fuses punk edginess with playful curls by emphasizing volume at the crown while gradually shortening to the nape, showcasing a bold contrast of textures.

Soft Curl Mullet With Side Bangs

soft curl mullet with side bangs

This style adds a touch of femininity with its gentle curls and sweeping bangs that soften the traditional mullet silhouette.

Curly Mullet With Highlighted Tips

curly mullet with highlighted tips

Accentuating the dynamic texture of curls, the highlighted tips offer a pop of color that amplifies the mullet’s playful edge.

Messy, Shaggy Curly Mullet

messy shaggy curly mullet

Embrace a carefree aesthetic with a tousled look that blends casual curls with a deliberately unkempt edge.

Curly Mullet With Slicked Back Front

curly mullet with slicked back front

This style blends the edgy mullet cut with sleek refinement, pushing the front curls smoothly to the back to accentuate facial features while keeping the party at the rear alive with bouncy texture.

Curly Mullet With Middle Part and Taper

curly mullet with middle part and taper

This style fuses a bold middle part with soft tapering at the temples, offering a harmonious blend of volume and sleekness to the classic mullet silhouette.