15 Essential Tips for How to Take Care of Curly Hair

Learn effective tips for maintaining healthy, bouncy curls and transforming your hair care routine.

Use Sulfate-free Shampoos to Prevent Dryness

use sulfate free shampoos to prevent dryness

Choosing sulfate-free shampoos helps retain natural oils, keeping curls hydrated and bouncy.

Detangle With Fingers or a Wide-tooth Comb in the Shower

detangle with fingers or a wide tooth comb in the shower

Gentle detangling while hair is wet and conditioned minimizes breakage and preps curls for effortless styling.

Apply Conditioner, Focusing On the Ends; Don’t Rinse All of It Out

apply conditioner focusing on the ends dont rinse all of it out

Conditioner acts as a hydrating agent, especially when a small amount is left in the strands, offering prolonged moisture and curl definition.

Use a T-shirt to Gently Scrunch Out Water Without Causing Frizz

use a t shirt to gently scrunch out water without causing frizz

Swapping a rough towel for a soft t-shirt reduces friction and keeps curls intact.

Moisturize With Hair Oils or Leave-in Conditioners

moisturize with hair oils or leave in conditioners

Lock in moisture and foster curl definition with a nourishing leave-in conditioner or a hydrating hair oil after washing.

Deep-condition Weekly to Maintain Hydration

deep condition weekly to maintain hydration

Incorporate a weekly deep-conditioning treatment to keep curls quenched and lively.

Sleep On a Satin Pillowcase to Reduce Breakage

sleep on a satin pillowcase to reduce breakage

A satin pillowcase creates less friction, safeguarding your curls against breakage as you sleep.

Refresh Curls With a Spray Bottle of Water and Leave-in Mix

refresh curls with a spray bottle of water and leave in mix

Revitalize your curls on-the-go with a spritz of water and leave-in conditioner for a quick hydration boost.

Avoid Heat Styling; Air-dry or Use a Diffuser On Low Heat

avoid heat styling air dry or use a diffuser on low heat

Preserve your curls’ integrity by opting for gentle drying methods that minimize potential heat damage.

Trim Regularly to Prevent Split Ends

trim regularly to prevent split ends

Schedule routine trims to maintain your curls’ health and shape.

Protect Hair From Chlorine and Saltwater With a Cap or Pre-soak Before Swimming

protect hair from chlorine and saltwater with a cap or pre soak before swimming

Before a swim, saturate your curls with fresh water to shield them from absorbing harmful pool or ocean elements.

Use Hair Masks or Natural Oils Like Argan or Coconut Oil for Extra Nourishment

use hair masks or natural oils like argan or coconut oil for extra nourishment

Hair masks and oils like argan or coconut provide intense moisture, fortifying curls with essential nutrients.

Embrace Protective Styles to Minimize Manipulation and Breakage

embrace protective styles to minimize manipulation and breakage

Protective styles like braids or buns safeguard your curls from daily wear and tear.

Don’t Over-brush; Only Style When Hair Is Wet or Damp

dont over brush only style when hair is wet or damp

Brushing curly hair when dry can disrupt curl patterns and cause frizz; limit brushing to damp hair to maintain definition and minimize breakage.

Learn Your Curl Type and Tailor Your Routine and Products Accordingly

learn your curl type and tailor your routine and products accordingly

Recognizing your specific curl pattern equips you with the insight to select the most effective products and care practices for your hair.