15 Short Curly Hairstyles: Trendy Ideas for Your Next Look

Discover a variety of short curly hairstyles that can add flair to your look and are easy to manage.

Tapered Afro

tapered afro

A Tapered Afro shapes natural curls into a chic gradient, with volume concentrated at the top that diminishes down the sides.

Curly Pixie Cut

curly pixie cut

A curly pixie cut embraces naturally voluminous textures, making it a breezy, modern style with an edge.

Curly Bob With Bangs

curly bob with bangs

A playful twist on classic style, this haircut frames the face with curls and straight-across bangs, offering a chic and harmonious contrast.

Side-Parted Ringlet Bob

side parted ringlet bob

Embrace your curls with a side-parted bob that plays up ringlets, framing the face with softness and volume.

Curly Shag

curly shag

The Curly Shag combines layers and feathered ends to add volume, framing the face with a playful, tousled look.

Tight Curl Crop

tight curl crop

Embrace natural volume with a close-cropped style that spotlights tight ringlets and effortless flair.

Sassy Mohawk Curls

sassy mohawk curls

Channel your inner rockstar with this edgy twist on curls, where volume meets daring heights for a bold statement look.

Buzzed Sides and Curly Top

buzzed sides and curly top

This edgy style contrasts close-cropped sides with a cascade of curls above, offering a bold statement that marries convenience with flair.

Curly Bowl Cut

curly bowl cut

The curly bowl cut creates a striking halo effect around the face, offering a playful yet edgy vibe.

Asymmetrical Curly Bob

asymmetrical curly bob

An Asymmetrical Curly Bob balances playful curls with a sharp, angled cut, offering a chic twist to the classic bob style.

Curly Undercut

curly undercut

The curly undercut combines close-cut sides with voluminous, untamed curls on top for a bold contrast.

Voluminous Curly Pixie

voluminous curly pixie

This style amplifies your natural curls, adding a playful bounce above the ears for a spirited, youthful look.

Curled Bangs With Bob

curled bangs with bob

Framing the face with waves, the bob featuring curled bangs adds a soft, playful touch to short, curly hair.

Short Curly Layers

short curly layers

Adding layers to a short, curly hairstyle introduces volume and movement, making it a dynamic option for those with natural curls.

Angled Curly Lob

angled curly lob

This style boasts shorter curls at the back gradually lengthening towards the face, offering an edgy twist on the classic bob and accentuating your jawline.