15 Curly Mullet Ideas to Inspire Your Next Hairstyle

Discover fresh takes on the curly mullet and learn how to bring this classic hairstyle into the modern fashion landscape.

Classic Curly Mullet: Tapered Sides, Voluminous Curls At the Crown and Nape

classic curly mullet tapered sides voluminous curls at the crown and nape

This style blends traditional appeal with a playful twist, featuring streamlined sides that ascend to a party of bouncy curls aloft and at the base of the skull.

Modern Curly Mullet: Disconnected Undercut With Tight Ringlets

The modern curly mullet combines edgy contrasts with coiled curls for a statement look.

Curly Fro Mullet: Dense Afro Texture On Top With a Sleek Mullet Shape

curly fro mullet dense afro texture on top with a sleek mullet shape

The Curly Fro Mullet fuses high-volume afro curls with a streamlined, tapered backdrop, offering a bold contrast and striking silhouette.

Mohawk Mullet: Shaved Sides, Curly Mohawk Extending Into a Mullet

mohawk mullet shaved sides curly mohawk extending into a mullet

The Mohawk Mullet merges punk edge with playful curls, featuring a strip of tight ringlets flowing from a spiked top down to a softer neckline.

Curly Shag Mullet: Layered Curls Throughout for a Messy, Shaggy Look

curly shag mullet layered curls throughout for a messy shaggy look

The Curly Shag Mullet offers an edgy twist, with its entourage of feisty, layered ringlets creating an effortlessly tousled aesthetic.

Asymmetrical Curly Mullet: One Side Longer Than the Other, With Defined Curls

asymmetrical curly mullet one side longer than the other with defined curls

The asymmetrical curly mullet plays with length, showcasing one side that cascades longer with curls that pop for an edgy twist.

Gender-Neutral Mullet: Medium-length Curls That Blur Conventional Styles

gender neutral mullet medium length curls that blur conventional styles

The gender-neutral mullet champions versatility, fusing medium-length curls for a look unconstrained by traditional fashion norms.

Wet-Look Mullet: Glossy, Gel-scrunched Curls in Mullet Form

wet look mullet glossy gel scrunched curls in mullet form

Achieve a sultry edge with the wet-look mullet, where glossy, damp-effect curls add a touch of daring to the classic style.

High-Top Fade Mullet: Tightly Curled High-top With a Gradual Fade to a Mullet

high top fade mullet tightly curled high top with a gradual fade to a mullet

This style fuses a retro high-top with curls on full display, seamlessly blending into an edgy, faded mullet.

Pastel Curly Mullet: Bleached and Dyed Curls in Soft Pastel Hues

pastel curly mullet bleached and dyed curls in soft pastel hues

Adding flair to the classic mullet, the pastel variant infuses a playful edge with hints of lavender, baby pink, or soft blue that make the curls pop.

Curly Pixie Mullet: Short and Cropped At the Front With a Curly Tail At the Back

curly pixie mullet short and cropped at the front with a curly tail at the back

This style merges the playful edge of a pixie cut with the surprise of cascading curls at the nape, offering a quirky twist on the traditional mullet.

Curly Tail Mullet: Subtle Mullet With a Prominent, Curly ‘tail’ Feature

curly tail mullet subtle mullet with a prominent curly tail feature

The curly tail mullet strikes a balance, with a modest front transition to an expressive, bouncy curl extension at the back.

Retro Glam Mullet: Volumized At the Crown, With Softer Waves Blending Into a Mullet

retro glam mullet volumized at the crown with softer waves blending into a mullet

The Retro Glam Mullet elevates through a crown of volume, cascading into gentle waves for a sophisticated twist on the classic style.

Undercut Mullet: Hidden Shaved Sections Beneath a Curly Canopy, Mullet in the Back

The undercut mullet offers a stealthy contrast with its shaved understory, providing an edgy twist to the free-flowing curls above.

Long-Layered Mullet: Lengthier Curls With Long Layers Transitioning to a Mullet

long layered mullet lengthier curls with long layers transitioning to a mullet

For those desiring a gentler gradient from curls to mullet, the long-layered style offers a flowing transition, maintaining length while exhibiting the classic mullet edge.