15 Layered Short Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair Over 50: Chic Looks & Inspiration

Discover flattering short layered hairstyles that cater to the vivacious volume of naturally curly hair for those over 50, offering a blend of style and ease.

Tousled Curly Bob With Side Part

tousled curly bob with side part

This style combines the ease of a bob cut with naturally cascading curls, swept to one side for a touch of classic glamor.

Angled Curly Pixie Cut

angled curly pixie cut

This style combines tight curls with sharp, descending lines around the face, accentuating your features and offering a modern twist to the classic pixie.

Voluminous Curly Layered Pixie

voluminous curly layered pixie

This cut embraces the natural loft of curls, adding dimension with layered sections that create a voluminous yet polished silhouette.

Jaw-Length Curly Bob With Bangs

jaw length curly bob with bangs

This cut frames the face beautifully, offering a playful yet elegant air that softens features and promotes curls’ natural bounce.

Messy Curly Layers With Fringe

messy curly layers with fringe

This style softens the face with its carefree waves and a whimsical fringe, offering a playful vibe that defies age.

Short Curly Shag With Razored Ends

short curly shag with razored ends

This style brings a rebellious twist to curly locks, with razor-cut ends creating a striking, edgy texture.

Layered Curly Bob With Highlights

layered curly bob with highlights

Infusing subtle highlights into the bob amplifies texture and dimension, creating a lively play of light and depth in your curls.

Salt and Pepper Curly Crop

salt and pepper curly crop

This style showcases natural gray curls in a chic, cropped cut that exudes confidence and sophistication.

Rounded Curly Bob With Undercut

rounded curly bob with undercut

This style combines soft, round layers at the crown with a neat undercut at the back to reduce bulk and add an edge to your look.

Curly Pixie With Tapered Nape

curly pixie with tapered nape

This cut artfully graduates from longer, voluminous curls on top to a neat, short taper at the neck, offering easy maintenance and a modern edge.

Asymmetrical Curly Bob With Side Bangs

asymmetrical curly bob with side bangs

This style plays up natural curls with an uneven cut that adds a contemporary flair and frames the face beautifully, complemented by side-swept bangs for a softening effect.

Stacked Curly Bob With Layers

stacked curly bob with layers

This style gives volume and movement, featuring short layers at the back that gradually lengthen towards the face, perfect for enhancing natural curls and framing the features attractively.

Sassy Curly Mohawk

sassy curly mohawk

Inject a daring twist into your look with a Sassy Curly Mohawk, where the sides are trimmed shorter to showcase a strip of flourishing curls on top that exude confidence and flair.

Ear-Length Curly Bob With Texture

ear length curly bob with texture

This style combines playful bounce and sophisticated edge, perfect for defining curls with a youthful twist at a modest length.

Curly Pixie-Bob With Long Layers

curly pixie bob with long layers

This style blends the playful freedom of a pixie while framing the face with softening layers, offering a versatile look that suits various occasions and outfits.