15 Curly Hair with Bangs Styles to Refresh Your Look

Discover fresh and stylish ways to rock curly hair with bangs that flatter your face shape and boost your hairstyle game.

Tousled Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

tousled bob with side swept bangs

Embrace a playful edge with a tousled bob accented by side-swept bangs, adding a chic twist to classic curls.

Long Layered Curls With Blunt Bangs

long layered curls with blunt bangs

This style balances volume and frames the face perfectly with its edgy contrast between the bouncy layers and the straight-across bangs.

Afro Puff With Curly Bangs

afro puff with curly bangs

Embrace natural volume: this style accentuates the roundness of an Afro while framing the face with playful curls atop the forehead.

Beachy Waves With Wispy Fringe

beachy waves with wispy fringe

Achieve a laid-back vibe with loose waves complemented by a subtle, airy fringe that softly frames the face.

Shoulder-Length Ringlets With Baby Bangs

shoulder length ringlets with baby bangs

Framing the face softly, this style marries playful ringlets that cascade to the shoulders with barely-there bangs that add a touch of whimsy.

Shaggy Curl Cut With Curtain Bangs

shaggy curl cut with curtain bangs

Embrace the chic disarray of a shaggy curl cut, framed by flirtatious curtain bangs that gently cascade to highlight the eyes.

Voluminous Coils With Crescent Bangs

voluminous coils with crescent bangs

Amp up the drama with full-bodied curls and a crescent-shaped fringe that frames the face perfectly.

Pixie Cut With Curly Fringe

pixie cut with curly fringe

A pixie cut adorned with a curly fringe adds playful texture and frames the face with a touch of whimsy.

Asymmetrical Curly Lob With Textured Bangs

asymmetrical curly lob with textured bangs

The asymmetrical curly lob introduces a playful edge to your look, with textured bangs softening the face for a modern flair.

Spiral Perm With Choppy Bangs

spiral perm with choppy bangs

A spiral perm injects dynamic curls into your locks, while choppy bangs add a playful, edgy contrast to the softness of the spirals.

Boho Curls With Feathered Bangs

boho curls with feathered bangs

Boho curls cascade freely, offering a laid-back vibe, perfectly complemented by light, feathered bangs that frame the face softly.

High Bun With Peek-a-Boo Bangs

high bun with peek a boo bangs

This style encapsulates playful elegance, with bangs that teasingly cover the forehead while a high bun keeps the rest of your curls neatly swept up.

Half-Up Style With Curly Side Bangs

half up style with curly side bangs

This style combines the elegance of hair pulled away from the face while showcasing playful curls that cascade alongside the cheekbones.

Tight Curls With Micro Fringe

tight curls with micro fringe

This daring combination frames the face with tightly spiraled locks, balanced by a delicate, straight-across fringe above the eyebrows.

Curly Updo With Sweeping Side Bangs

curly updo with sweeping side bangs

This style enfolds elegance in a playful updo, framing the face with a gentle cascade of curls to one side for a touch of classic charm.