15 Curly Pixie Cut Ideas to Refresh Your Look

Discover fresh styles for a curly pixie cut, perfect for a bold refresh on your hairstyle.

Tousled Waves With Undercut

tousled waves with undercut

This style amplifies volume with carefree, tousled layers while the undercut keeps it edgy and low-maintenance.

Curly Bangs Pixie Bob

curly bangs pixie bob

This style marries the playful bounce of curls with the chic simplicity of a pixie bob, offering a dash of sophistication to your natural texture.

Tight Ringlets With Temple Shave

tight ringlets with temple shave

A temple shave adds an edgy contrast to the well-defined curls, giving a modern twist to classic tight ringlets.

Asymmetrical Curly Pixie Cut

asymmetrical curly pixie cut

The asymmetrical pixie offers a playful twist with longer curls on one side, creating a dynamic, off-kilter silhouette.

Voluminous Top With Faded Sides

voluminous top with faded sides

Boosting height and texture, this style plays up the curls on top while keeping the sides neatly faded for a sharp contrast.

Wet-look Slicked-back Curls

Embracing the essence of oceanic tresses, this style gives off a sleek, daring vibe that turns heads and defies norms.

Soft Spiral Curls With Side Part

soft spiral curls with side part

This style frames the face elegantly with cascading spirals sweeping to the side, offering a graceful twist on the classic pixie silhouette.

Messy Curls With Disconnected Undercut

messy curls with disconnected undercut

This style boasts a rebellious edge with its combination of untamed curls atop and a stark, clean shave below.

Pixie Shag With Curly Fringe

pixie shag with curly fringe

This style combines the edginess of a shag cut with playful curls across the forehead, adding a dash of whimsy to your look.

Halo of Soft Curls On Crown

halo of soft curls on crown

This style frames the face with delicate curls perched atop the head, providing volume and softness to the overall look.

Wavy Tendrils With Nape Undercut

wavy tendrils with nape undercut

The style infuses softness and edge—grazing curls cascade over a cleanly shaven nape, offering a contrast that’s bold yet feminine.

Sculpted Curl Pixie With Highlights

sculpted curl pixie with highlights

Strategic highlights bring dimension to the sculpted curls, drawing attention to the texture and shape of the cut.

Side-swept Curls With Razor-cut Edges

side swept curls with razor cut edges

This style frames the face with a wave of curls, while the razor-cut edges add a modern, edgy finish.

Mini Afro Pixie With Tapered Sides

mini afro pixie with tapered sides

Embrace your natural texture by shaping it into a mini afro, enhancing the look with tapered, close-cropped sides for a striking, low-maintenance style.

Curly Top With Etched Side Design

curly top with etched side design

This style fuses playful curls on top with a creative etched pattern on the sides, offering a striking contrast that catches the eye.