15 Layered Wavy Medium Curly Hair Styles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover creative ideas for styling layered wavy medium curly hair that bring a fresh twist to timeless looks.

Soft Layers With Beach Waves

soft layers with beach waves

Soft layers add movement, creating a look reminiscent of gentle ocean waves. This style gives the hair a breezy feel, ideal for a laid-back yet polished appearance. Wavy textures paired with these layers offer a harmonious balance, avoiding excess volume at the ends.

Cascading Layers and S-Curls

cascading layers and s curls

Cascading layers give the cut movement and lightness, making it perfect for medium-length curls. The S-shaped pattern of curls adds a harmonious blend of volume and texture, breathing life into each strand. This style flatters the face and allows for versatility in styling, whether for a casual or sophisticated look.

Shoulder-Length Curly Shag

shoulder length curly shag

This style embraces natural volume with its tousled layers, creating an effortlessly cool vibe. A shag cut at shoulder length provides a frame for the face, highlighting cheekbones and eyes. Perfect for those who desire a low-maintenance but stylish look, the curly shag thrives on its own playful texture.

Textured Bob With Loose Waves

textured bob with loose waves

A textured bob elevates waves with its playful, yet sophisticated silhouette. This style harmonizes effortlessly with a casual elegance, making it suitable for both professional settings and weekend outings. The incorporation of subtle layers amplifies movement and breathes life into the curls.

Voluminous Middle Part Curls

voluminous middle part curls

This style embraces full-bodied curls that start at the crown, creating a regal effect with a distinct middle division. The emphasis on the roots adds lift, giving an illusion of thicker locks. Soft ringlets cascade down, framing the face symmetrically and making a voluminous statement.

Medium Layered Curl With Highlights

medium layered curl with highlights

Adding highlights brings depth to medium curls, accentuating the texture and shape of the layers. Strategically placed lighter tones catch the light, creating an illusion of movement and volume. This dynamic style offers a refreshing twist, perfectly balancing subtlety with impact.

Undone Wavy Bob With Layers

undone wavy bob with layers

An undone wavy bob with layers exudes a carefree elegance, perfect for a laid-back yet stylish look. The layering technique adds volume and movement to the hair, creating an effortlessly chic texture. This style works well for those with naturally wavy hair or for anyone looking to add a playful bounce to their bob.

Asymmetrical Curly Lob

asymmetrical curly lob

An asymmetrical curly lob offers an edgy twist to the classic bob, balancing playfulness with sophistication. The uneven hemline showcases the curls, adding movement and interest. This style exudes confidence and frames the face in a modern, yet effortlessly chic way.

Layered Curly Hair With Bangs

layered curly hair with bangs

Soft, curly bangs frame the face while creating a harmonious balance with the full-bodied layers. This style adds a playful twist to the usual straight-across fringe, injecting an air of whimsy. Manageable and flattering, it’s a fresh take on combining youthful energy with sophistication.

Tousled Layers and Defined Ringlets

tousled layers and defined ringlets

Embrace the duality of texture with a cut that combines tousled layers for movement and pronounced ringlets for bounce. This style adds volume while defining each curl, striking a balance between wild and refined. Perfect for those eager to show off the spirited side of their medium curly mane.

Angled Layers With Soft Waves

angled layers with soft waves

Angled layers provide a dynamic shape, accentuating the cheekbones and jawline. The gentle waves soften the overall look, making it flattering for most face shapes. This style adds movement and interest to medium-length hair without sacrificing volume.

Romantic Wavy Layered Cut

romantic wavy layered cut

This style boasts soft waves that cascade down, creating an air of elegance and femininity. Strategic layering adds volume, giving the cut a dreamy, ethereal quality. Subtle face-framing pieces accentuate the cheekbones and lend a timeless charm.

Choppy Layers With Natural Curls

choppy layers with natural curls

Choppy layers give natural curls a playful, edgy look, boosting volume at the roots. This style embraces the hair’s organic texture, allowing for low-maintenance daily routines. Strategically snipped ends contribute to the illusion of thicker tresses, making it ideal for those with finer curly hair.

Medium Layered Waves With Side Part

medium layered waves with side part

A side part adds a dash of asymmetry, breaking up the sameness and drawing attention to the face. The combination of waves and layers works to give the hair movement and volume. This styling choice is versatile, flattering a variety of face shapes and hair textures.

Bouncy Curls With Feathered Layers

bouncy curls with feathered layers

Feathered layers add dimension and movement to naturally curly hair, giving it a light, airy quality. They work in harmony with bouncy curls to provide a lively, full-bodied appearance that retains its shape throughout the day. This style effortlessly frames the face and exudes a playful yet polished charm.