15 Mullet Curly Hair Styles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover how to rock a curly mullet with style inspiration that breathes new life into a classic cut.

Beachy Wave Mullet

beachy wave mullet

This style combines casual, tousled waves with the classic mullet structure, marrying carefree vibes with an edgy silhouette.

Curly Top With Faded Sides Mullet

curly top with faded sides mullet

This style features tight or loose curls cascading atop the head while the sides transition into a skin fade, offering a sharp contrast that accentuates the volume and texture of the curls.

Voluminous Curly Shag Mullet

voluminous curly shag mullet

This style layers ample curls throughout, achieving a full-bodied look that adds a playful twist to the classic mullet.

Tight Ringlet Mullet Fro

tight ringlet mullet fro

This style marries the retro flair of a mullet with the natural bounce of tight ringlets for a bold, voluminous look.

Modern Curly Mullet With Highlights

modern curly mullet with highlights

Flashy highlights breathe new life into the classic mullet, giving those curls an extra pop that turns heads and breaks the mold.

Asymmetrical Curly Mullet Cut

asymmetrical curly mullet cut

Striking a chord of edgy chic, this style throws balance to the wind with uneven lengths that play up the curls’ natural bounce and texture.

Wet Look Curly Mullet

wet look curly mullet

The Wet Look Curly Mullet combines slick, glossy curls at the top that transition into a subdued, dampened effect running down the back, creating a bold contrast with classic mullet attitude.

Soft Curls Mullet With Undercut

soft curls mullet with undercut

Effortless grace meets edgy contrast with this style, featuring soft curls cascading over a sharply defined undercut.

Mohawk-Curly Mullet Hybrid

mohawk curly mullet hybrid

This style fuses the rebellious spirit of a Mohawk with the playful bounce of curls, ideal for bold personalities looking to make a statement.

Messy Curls With Sharp Mullet Tail

messy curls with sharp mullet tail

Embrace a wild side with tousled curls up top that contrast with a defined, razor-cut tail for a statement look.

Vintage Inspired Mullet With Soft Curls

vintage inspired mullet with soft curls

Channel a retro vibe with gentle curls cascading into a classic mullet shape that pays homage to iconic styles of the past.

Middle-Parted Wavy Mullet

middle parted wavy mullet

Straddling retro and modern vibes, the middle-parted wavy mullet frames the face with its laid-back curls and succinctly captures a carefree spirit.

Fluffy Curled Mullet With Bangs

fluffy curled mullet with bangs

This hairstyle brings a playful flair, combining airy, bouncy curls with fringe to frame the face in a soft, approachable way.

Ombre Curly Mullet

ombre curly mullet

Adding an ombre effect elevates the mullet by creating a striking contrast between dark roots and progressively lighter ends, showcasing the curls’ depth and dimension.

Sleek Top With Explosive Curl Mullet

sleek top with explosive curl mullet

This style harmonizes a polished, flat-pressed crown with a wild burst of spiraled curls cascading from the nape, marrying control and chaos in one look.