15 Shoulder Length Curly Hair Ideas to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover fresh styles for shoulder-length curly hair that will breathe new life into your locks.

Waterfall Braids

waterfall braids

Waterfall braids weave through shoulder-length curls, creating an elegant cascade effect.

Half-up Bun

half up bun

The half-up bun combines elegance with whimsy, securing the top section of curls into a playful knot while letting the rest cascade freely.

Side-swept Pin Curls

side swept pin curls

Side-swept pin curls add a touch of glamour, perfect for accentuating the bounce and volume of shoulder-length curls.

Textured Bob

textured bob

A textured bob infuses volume and movement, giving your curls a lively, dimensional silhouette perfect for a modern, effortless look.

Voluminous Layers

voluminous layers

Layering curls can boost body and movement, giving a bouncy and full appearance to shoulder-length styles.

Curly Shag Haircut

curly shag haircut

Embrace a retro vibe with the curly shag, featuring choppy layers that create movement and add bounce to your shoulder-length curls.

Beach Wave Perm

beach wave perm

A beach wave perm adds a breezy, low-maintenance texture to shoulder-length curls for an effortlessly chic look.

Twisted Crown

twisted crown

This hairstyle wraps curls atop the head in an elegant, crown-like fashion, providing a regal touch to shoulder-length curls.

Curly Bangs

curly bangs

Curly bangs add a playful twist to shoulder-length hair, framing the face with a touch of whimsy.

Scarf-tied Updo

scarf tied updo

Enliven your shoulder-length curls with a scarf-tied updo, adding a splash of color and a bohemian twist to your daily look.

French Twist

french twist

The French twist elegantly tames curls, offering a sophisticated updo perfect for formal events.

Messy Space Buns

messy space buns

Messy space buns offer a playful, carefree style perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to shoulder-length curly hair.

Ombré Highlights

ombre highlights

Ombré highlights offer a gradient effect, transitioning from dark roots to lighter tips, adding depth and dimension to shoulder-length curls.

Low Ponytail With Accessories

low ponytail with accessories

Accessorize a basic low ponytail with clips, ribbons, or scrunchies to add a playful twist to this classic hairstyle.

Spiral Curl Bob

spiral curl bob

A spiral curl bob marries bouncy curls with a chic, short cut, providing a playful twist to classic hairstyles.