15 Curly Bangs Styles to Refresh Your Look

Discover how to style curly bangs that complement your face shape and personal style.

Soft Botticelli Curls

soft botticelli curls

Embrace a renaissance flair with Soft Botticelli Curls, framing the face elegantly with lush, gentle waves.

Asymmetrical Curly Fringe

asymmetrical curly fringe

An asymmetrical curly fringe brings an edgy twist to soft curls by varying lengths across the forehead, creating a standout, dynamic look.

Wispy Tendrils Bangs

wispy tendrils bangs

Wispy tendrils bangs offer a playful, soft frame for the face, ideal for those aiming for an understated, fairy-like charm.

Side-swept Spiral Bangs

side swept spiral bangs

Embrace your curls’ natural twirl with a side-swept fringe that frames your face and adds a touch of whimsy.

Blunt-cut Curly Bangs

blunt cut curly bangs

Blunt-cut bangs frame the face with a bold, straight-across line, making a statement while showcasing the curls’ natural bounce.

Voluminous ’80s-inspired Bangs

voluminous 80s inspired bangs

Channel your inner retro diva with a full-bodied fringe that adds a touch of glamour to your naturally curly locks.

Baby Bangs With Ringlets

baby bangs with ringlets

For a playful and vintage aesthetic, consider tiny coils that graze the forehead, drawing attention to the eyes and offering a touch of whimsy.

Curtain Bangs With Waves

curtain bangs with waves

Curtain bangs with waves frame the face gracefully, adding a touch of retro glam and soft movement to the hair’s natural texture.

Layered Curl Bangs

layered curl bangs

Layered curl bangs add depth and dimension to your face, highlighting your features with a cascade of curls at different lengths.

Tousled Bedhead Bangs

tousled bedhead bangs

Tousled bedhead bangs offer a carefree appeal, projecting an image of effortless style perfect for a casual, yet chic look.

Pin-up Styled Rolls

Channeling vintage glamour, pin-up styled rolls give a nod to 1950s fashion with their neatly coiled bangs sitting high on the forehead, adding a touch of retro chic to any curly hairstyle.

Feathered Curly Bangs

feathered curly bangs

Feathered bangs add a soft, airy texture to curls, framing the face with a lightweight touch.

Micro-curly Fringe

micro curly fringe

Micro-curly fringe frames the face with delicate, tightly coiled tendrils, offering a playful yet edgy aesthetic.

Parted Puff Bangs

parted puff bangs

Parted puff bangs offer a playful twist, elevating volume at the crown while softly framing the face with a center split.

Waterfall Curly Bangs

waterfall curly bangs

Waterfall curly bangs cascade delicately around the face, offering a soft frame that blends seamlessly into your hair’s natural texture.