15 Wavy Medium Curly Hair Styling Ideas to Enhance Your Look

Discover creative hairstyles that breathe life into medium-length wavy curly hair.

Beach Waves

beach waves

Beach waves give a relaxed, sun-kissed look ideal for casual days or dressy nights, infusing your medium curly hair with a breezy flair.

Waterfall Braid

waterfall braid

The Waterfall Braid cascades through wavy tresses, evoking the graceful flow of water and adding an element of sophistication to any look.

Half-Up Bun

half up bun

The half-up bun combines carefree vibes with a touch of sophistication, offering a playful yet polished look ideal for both casual and formal settings.

Crown Braid

crown braid

A crown braid wraps around your head, offering an elegant, regal look that tames medium wavy curls with grace.

Messy Updo

messy updo

A messy updo tames medium curly hair into a playful, carefree look that adds volume and a touch of elegance.

Layered Cut

layered cut

Layered cuts introduce dynamic texture, giving bounce and movement to medium wavy curls.

Side-Swept Ponytail

side swept ponytail

A side-swept ponytail adds a playful twist, keeping curls controlled while showcasing their texture.

Soft Blowout

soft blowout

Achieving a soft blowout at home with medium wavy curly hair can conjure up effortless elegance, adding bounce and smooth contours that frame the face beautifully.

Voluminous Curls

voluminous curls

Adding volume to curls creates an aura of fullness and depth, perfect for medium-length hair seeking a touch of glamour.

Braided Headband

braided headband

A braided headband adds a touch of elegance, transforming wavy medium curls into a bohemian-chic style with ease.

Bob With Bangs

bob with bangs

A bob cut paired with bangs adds a modern twist that frames the face beautifully, bringing a playful yet polished vibe to medium curly hair.

Twisted Halo

twisted halo

This style crowns your head with intertwined sections of hair, offering an angelic look that elevates elegance.

Shag Hairstyle

shag hairstyle

A shag hairstyle introduces playful layers and feathered ends perfect for adding texture to medium curly hair.

Deep Side Part

deep side part

A deep side part gives an instant lift, creating a sophisticated asymmetry that flatters wavy, medium-length curls.

Pin-Up Curls

Channel a vintage vibe; pin-up curls add classic glamour to medium wavy hair, exuding a timeless style.