15 Red Curly Hair Styles and Inspiration

Discover fresh and vibrant red curly hair styling options to refresh your look.

Voluminous Crimson Curls With Auburn Highlights

voluminous crimson curls with auburn highlights

A fiery cascade of curls, the crimson base sets the stage for warm auburn streaks that catch the light and add dimension.

Short, Scarlet Ringlets With Subtle Ginger Undertones

short scarlet ringlets with subtle ginger undertones

These ringlets, reminiscent of a flickering flame, offer a warm visual depth—perfect for those desiring a hint of spice without overwhelming their look.

Mermaid Waves in Deep Ruby Red

mermaid waves in deep ruby red

These deep ruby red waves cascade with oceanic grace, evoking the enchanting allure of a mythical sea siren.

Shoulder-length Boho Curls Tinted With Cherry Red

shoulder length boho curls tinted with cherry red

Embrace a laid-back, artistic vibe with these cascading curls, dipped in a vibrant cherry hue that adds a pop of color and playful charm to your look.

Fiery Red Afro With Tight Coils

fiery red afro with tight coils

A blazing canopy of curls, this style exudes confidence with its compact spirals and radiant, warm hue.

Vivid Red Curls With Copper Balayage

vivid red curls with copper balayage

The striking contrast of bright red curls fading into warm copper tones creates a fiery sunset effect that’s both bold and subtly dimensional.

Sleek, Red Wine-colored Spirals

sleek red wine colored spirals

These spirals exude elegance, mirroring the refined hue of a rich merlot, adding a touch of class to any look.

Wispy Curls in Bright Red With Strawberry Blonde Tips

wispy curls in bright red with strawberry blonde tips

This style infuses vibrancy into your look, where the light-catching strawberry blonde tips make the bright red base pop with an airy touch.

Long, Wild Curls in a Matte Burgundy Shade

long wild curls in a matte burgundy shade

Experimenting with a matte burgundy infuses long curls with a sophisticated, yet untamed appeal, perfect for making a bold statement without the gloss.

Electric Red Bouncy Bob With Loose Waves

electric red bouncy bob with loose waves

This style marries the playful flair of a bob with the dynamic movement of understated waves in a striking shade of red.

Rich Velvet Red Curls With Dark Roots

rich velvet red curls with dark roots

Embracing the contrast, dark roots give a sultry depth to the luxurious velvet red curls, creating a dramatic yet elegant hair statement.

Rose Red Tendrils With Soft, Face-framing Layers

rose red tendrils with soft face framing layers

This style accentuates facial features with a cascade of soft curls, dyed in a rich rose hue, that elegantly drapes around the visage.

Intense Red With Spiral Perm

intense red with spiral perm

Embrace the drama with tightly wound spirals that radiate a fiery hue, making every twist and turn a bold statement.

Natural Ginger Curls With Red Velvet Highlights

natural ginger curls with red velvet highlights

This style marries the warmth of natural ginger locks with the rich depth of red velvet streaks, creating a captivating contrast that draws the eye.

Bright Rouge Curly Pixie Cut

bright rouge curly pixie cut

A pixie cut comes alive with an injection of bright rouge, making each curl pop with a playful, edgy twist.