15 Curly Middle Part Hairstyles and Tips to Style Them

Discover fresh and creative curly middle part hairstyles that can elevate your look.

Soft Waves With Hydrating Serum

soft waves with hydrating serum

Hydrating serum can tame frizz, leaving soft waves that flow evenly around a central parting.

Spiral Curls With a Diffuser

spiral curls with a diffuser

A diffuser brings out the best in your spiral curls, ensuring they dry evenly and maintain their springy bounce while framing your face with a neat middle part.

Twist-out Curls With Middle Part

twist out curls with middle part

A twist-out with a central division allows for symmetrical bouncy curls that frame the face beautifully.

Beachy Waves With Sea Salt Spray

beachy waves with sea salt spray

Sea salt spray adds texture to your waves, giving that sun-kissed, windswept look that’s perfect for a laid-back, middle-parted style.

Voluminous Perm With a Defined Part

voluminous perm with a defined part

A voluminous perm elevates your hairstyle with lush, bouncy curls, anchored by a sleek middle part that draws attention to facial symmetry.

Natural Curl Enhancer and Finger-combing

natural curl enhancer and finger combing

Embrace your hair’s authentic bounce by using a natural curl enhancer followed by gentle finger-combing to accentuate a soft middle part.

Finger Coils With Light Hold Gel

finger coils with light hold gel

Finger coils sculpt curls into uniform spirals, giving structure to a middle part with the ease of a light gel for hold without crunchiness.

Loose Curls With a Curling Wand

loose curls with a curling wand

Harnessing a curling wand, you can shape your hair into gentle curls that flow effortlessly from a crisp middle part, offering a relaxed yet polished look.

Half-up, Half-down Twist With Curls

half up half down twist with curls

This style elevates elegance by drawing the eye upward, while curls cascade playfully around the shoulders.

Bantu Knots Unraveled for Bouncy Curls

bantu knots unraveled for bouncy curls

Unraveling Bantu knots reveals voluminous, bouncy curls that frame the face symmetrically when styled with a middle part.

Waterfall Braids Framing the Part

waterfall braids framing the part

Waterfall braids add an elegant twist, guiding the eye along the curve of the middle part.

Deep-conditioned Ringlets With a Part

deep conditioned ringlets with a part

Nourished curls fall symmetrically on either side of the part, showcasing definition and shine.

Curling Cream With Root Lift Spray

curling cream with root lift spray

Curling cream defines curls while root lift spray adds volume at the scalp, accentuating the middle part.

Zigzag Part With Defined Curl Clusters

zigzag part with defined curl clusters

A zigzag part adds a playful twist to curl clusters, accentuating their volume and shape.

Crown Braid Leading Into Curly Locks

crown braid leading into curly locks

A crown braid seamlessly transitions into cascading curls, offering a regal touch to the middle part style.