15 Tips on How to Cut Curly Hair for Perfect Curls Every Time

Learn the art of cutting curly hair with techniques that can transform unruly locks into well-defined curls.

Dry-cutting Technique to Maintain Curl Shape

dry cutting technique to maintain curl shape

Dry-cutting takes each curl’s spring and texture into account, ensuring a harmonious shape when hair is styled naturally.

Curly Shag With Layered Framing

curly shag with layered framing

A curly shag introduces dynamic layers around the face, enhancing the hair’s natural volume and movement.

Inverted Bob for Defined Curls

inverted bob for defined curls

An inverted bob carves out a dynamic shape that showcases and enhances curl definition.

Long Layers to Reduce Bulk

long layers to reduce bulk

Long layers allow curls to cascade naturally, minimizing excess volume for a sleeker silhouette.

Deva Cut Method, Snipping Each Curl Individually

deva cut method snipping each curl individually

The Deva cut focuses on sculpting each curl individually to honor its natural shape and promote a harmonious pattern.

Razor-cut for Soft, Tousled Edges

razor cut for soft tousled edges

A razor-cut gives curly hair a gentle, feathered appearance, softening the silhouette.

Slide Cutting for Natural-looking Movement

slide cutting for natural looking movement

Slide cutting gives your curls a seamless transition, enhancing their natural flow and bounce.

Pin Curls and Cutting for Precise Control

pin curls and cutting for precise control

Setting hair in pin curls before snipping allows stylists to tailor each cut to the curl’s natural fall and form, achieving precision and harmony in the final style.

Undercut for Curly Hair to Reduce Volume

undercut for curly hair to reduce volume

An undercut trims away the underside layers of hair, effectively lessening overall volume and giving your curls a lighter, more manageable feel.

Uniform Layers for Balanced Springiness

uniform layers for balanced springiness

Uniform layers distribute the hair’s weight evenly, giving your curls harmonious bounce and reducing pyramid shapes.

V-cut Shape to Add Bounce At the Ends

v cut shape to add bounce at the ends

The V-cut shape gradually tapers down the back, allowing curls to spring up more at the ends for added volume.

Curly Pixie Cut for Ease and Flair

curly pixie cut for ease and flair

A curly pixie cut blends convenience with a touch of sophistication, offering a chic, low-maintenance hairstyle for those with natural curls.

Tapered Sides for a Sculptural Afro

tapered sides for a sculptural afro

Tapering the sides enhances the afro’s shape, providing a sleek gradient that accentuates the hair’s natural volume.

Blunt Cut With Strategic Snipping for Fullness

blunt cut with strategic snipping for fullness

A strategic blunt cut maintains curl integrity while boosting the hair’s volume where it counts.

Twisting Curls Before Snipping to Preserve Curl Pattern

twisting curls before snipping to preserve curl pattern

Twisting strands into firm spirals before cutting helps maintain the integrity of each curl’s natural form.