15 Gorgeous Curly Hairstyles for Black Women: Inspiring Ideas to Try

Discover a range of curly hairstyles that embrace the natural texture of black women’s hair, offering style inspiration for your next hairdo.

Tapered Afro With Natural Curls

tapered afro with natural curls

The tapered Afro showcases tight curls with a gradient cut, emphasizing volume at the top while keeping the sides chic and short.

Pineapple Updo

pineapple updo

The pineapple updo elevates curls away from the face, showcasing volume atop the head for a playful yet chic look.

Bantu Knots On Natural Hair

bantu knots on natural hair

Bantu knots, an iconic heritage hairstyle, transform tight curls into a series of coiled buns poised beautifully atop the head for both protection and style.

Twist-out With Side Part

twist out with side part

The twist-out with a side part showcases a harmonious blend of voluminous definition and asymmetrical chic, ideal for those aiming to add both structure and flair to their curls.

Curly Mohawk With Shaved Sides

curly mohawk with shaved sides

Embrace edgy sophistication with a curly mohawk, accentuated by neatly shaved sides that add a bold contrast to the soft, voluminous curls atop.

Goddess Braids With Curly Ends

goddess braids with curly ends

Goddess braids with curly ends blend regal plaits with playful coils, offering a stylish compromise between protective styling and voluminous texture.

Half-up, Half-down With Bangs

half up half down with bangs

This style combines the casual elegance of loose curls with the charm of a raised crown, softened by curly bangs that frame the face beautifully.

Space Buns With Loose Curls

space buns with loose curls

This playful hairstyle elevates the fun factor with its double buns atop the head, letting ringlets cascade freely for a whimsical touch.

Finger Coils

finger coils

Finger coils sculpt each curl to perfection, offering a harmonious blend of definition and volume for those with tighter curl patterns.

Curly High Puff

curly high puff

Elevating your curls into a voluminous puff adds a touch of elegance while showcasing the texture of your hair.

Flat Twists Updo With Curly Frohawk

flat twists updo with curly frohawk

This style integrates the sleekness of flat twists at the sides and culminates in a voluminous, textured frohawk for a statement-making contrast.

Side-swept Curly Faux Hawk

side swept curly faux hawk

Amp up the edge with a side-swept faux hawk, letting your curls cascade asymmetrically for a bold, fashion-forward look.

Cornrows With Curly Weave

cornrows with curly weave

Interweaving cornrows culminate in voluminous curls, offering a fusion of sleek roots with playful ends.

High Bun With Curly Tendrils

high bun with curly tendrils

The high bun exudes elegance, while the playful curls softly frame the face, adding a touch of whimsy to the sophisticated updo.

Wash-and-go With Defined Curls

A wash-and-go allows for an effortless display of moisturized, well-defined coils suitable for any occasion, showcasing the natural texture with minimal fuss.