15 Taper Mullet Fade Ideas to Revamp Your Look

Discover innovative haircut combinations that blend the taper mullet with a fade for a modern twist on a classic style.

Classic Tapered Mullet With Skin Fade

classic tapered mullet with skin fade

This hairstyle blends vintage flair with a modern twist, pairing a gradual shortening of the hair at the back and sides with a sleek skin fade for a sharp, contemporary look.

Curly Top Taper Mullet With Temple Fade

curly top taper mullet with temple fade

This style blends voluminous curls on top with a sleek temple fade, adding a modern twist to the classic mullet.

Textured Mullet With Razor Fade Design

textured mullet with razor fade design

The Textured Mullet with Razor Fade Design merges sharp lines with choppy layers, offering a contrast that’s bold and edgy.

Slick Back Mullet With Disconnected Fade

slick back mullet with disconnected fade

The slick back mullet with a disconnected fade offers a striking contrast, combining a smooth, combed back top that seamlessly transitions into a sharply defined, faded back and sides.

Mohawk Mullet Fade With Hard Part

mohawk mullet fade with hard part

This style merges the edginess of a Mohawk with the versatility of a mullet, accentuated by a precise parting that defines the transition between lengths.

Pompadour Mullet With High Taper Fade

pompadour mullet with high taper fade

This style marries the voluminous flair of a pompadour with the crisp edge of a high taper fade, offering a polished yet rebellious look.

Wavy Mullet With Low Fade and Beard Blend

wavy mullet with low fade and beard blend

This style harmoniously transitions from the textured waves on top into a subtle low fade at the sides, seamlessly integrating with a well-groomed beard for a cohesive look.

Modern Mullet With Scissor Taper and Mid Fade

modern mullet with scissor taper and mid fade

This style blends the edginess of a mullet with the refinement of scissor-cut layers, topped off with a balanced mid-fade for a contemporary flair.

Asymmetrical Mullet With Bald Fade

asymmetrical mullet with bald fade

Embrace audacity with an off-center cut that extends into a sleek bald fade, giving a rebellious twist to the mullet’s traditional symmetry.

Brushed Up Mullet With Tapered Neck Fade

brushed up mullet with tapered neck fade

This style elevates the mullet with volume at the crown, gradually fading into clean, trimmed lines at the neckline for a sleek, contemporary twist.

Vintage Mullet With Soft Taper and Side Fade

vintage mullet with soft taper and side fade

This style marries retro flair with modern subtlety, featuring a gradient side fade that softly accentuates the mullet’s timeless shape.

Faux Hawk Mullet With Drop Fade

faux hawk mullet with drop fade

Blending audacity with style, the faux hawk mullet graduates into a sleek drop fade, accentuating the contrast between the voluminous top and streamlined sides.

Feathered Mullet With Fade and Line Up

feathered mullet with fade and line up

This style combines soft, layered locks with a crisp fade, accentuated by a precise boundary for a clean, yet dynamic look.

Afro Mullet With Tapered Sides and Fade

afro mullet with tapered sides and fade

Embracing texture and volume, this style marries the distinctive silhouette of a mullet with the natural flair of an Afro, set off by cleanly tapered sides and a seamless fade.

Long Fringe Mullet With Undercut Fade

long fringe mullet with undercut fade

This style combines an extended fringe at the front, offering a bold statement, with a sharp undercut fade to provide a clean transition and contrast.