15 Curly Modern Mullet Ideas to Refresh Your Look

Discover how the modern mullet has been transformed with curly textures, offering a contemporary twist on a classic style.

Shaggy Layers With Defined Curls

shaggy layers with defined curls

Shaggy layers enhance the natural volume of curls, creating a playful and textured aesthetic for the modern mullet. Defined curls add dimension and movement, emphasizing the contrast between the tousled top and shorter sides. This style offers effortless edge and maintains a sense of fullness throughout the day.

Tapered Sides, Voluminous Curly Top

tapered sides voluminous curly top

The sides are trimmed closely to emphasize the lush curls above, creating a stark contrast in volume. This style offers a visually balanced silhouette, enhancing the top’s bounce and movement. It’s a fresh take that marries precision with the natural dynamism of curls.

Disconnected Curly Mullet With Faded Sides

disconnected curly mullet with faded sides

This style features a stark contrast between the faded sides and the longer curls on top. The haircut creates a bold statement as the curls are left to flourish and fall naturally above the sharply trimmed sides. Ideal for those seeking a modern twist on the classic mullet, it marries edginess with the whimsical nature of curls.

Asymmetrical Curly Mullet

asymmetrical curly mullet

An asymmetrical curly mullet allows for a striking contrast in lengths, adding an edgy twist to the traditional style. The longer side often features more pronounced curls, which cascade alongside the face, providing a softening effect. The shorter side, in contrast, maintains a cleaner and more defined line, contributing to the modern aesthetic of the cut.

Curly Mullet With a Fringe

curly mullet with a fringe

A fringe adds a modern twist to the classic curly mullet, blending the playful curls with a touch of straight-edged chic. This style harmoniously marries texture and structure, creating a face-framing effect that highlights the wearer’s features. The added fringe on a curly mullet offers versatility in styling, suited for both casual and sophisticated looks.

Long Curly Strands With a Short Mullet Base

long curly strands with a short mullet base

This style blends length and texture, featuring tight curls cascading past the shoulders atop a short, traditionally cut mullet. The contrast emphasizes the liveliness of the curls while maintaining the mullet’s structural integrity. It offers a bold statement that honors classic mullet foundations while showcasing the dynamic beauty of natural curls.

Curly Mullet With Highlights or Balayage

curly mullet with highlights or balayage

Integrating highlights or balayage into a curly mullet adds dimension and depth to the curls. This technique emphasizes the texture, allowing the layers to catch the light and enhance the mullet’s shape. The color variation accentuates the transition from the voluminous top to the tapered ends, giving the classic mullet a contemporary twist.

Bleached Curly Ends With Natural Roots Mullet

bleached curly ends with natural roots mullet

This style contrasts edgy bleached ends with the warmth of untouched roots for a bold statement. The natural gradient emphasizes the texture of the curls, adding depth to the mullet’s shape. As the hair grows, the transitioning colors create an evolving look that blends contemporary edge with a touch of classic nostalgia.

Curly Mullet With Undercut

curly mullet with undercut

The fusion of an undercut with a curly mullet brings edginess to the classic style by shaving the sides and back while leaving the top voluminous with natural curls. This contrast emphasizes the curls’ texture and provides a modern twist to the retro mullet silhouette. The look is low-maintenance with the undercut allowing for longevity between haircuts and easy styling of the curly crown.

80s-inspired Curly Mullet With Volume

80s inspired curly mullet with volume

This variation takes cues from retro silhouettes, spotlighting exaggerated volume at the crown and back, blending seamlessly into curly textures. It provides a statement look that embraces both the boldness of the 80s and the natural movement of curls. The contrast between the amped-up top and the typically shorter sides encapsulates a modern twist on the classic style.

Messy Curls With a Structured Mullet Cut

messy curls with a structured mullet cut

This style juxtaposes untamed curls on the top with a meticulously tapered cut in the back, embodying a free-spirited yet intentional aesthetic. The contrast between the spontaneous curl patterns and the deliberate shape of the mullet provides a modern twist to the classic silhouette. It strikes a balance between edgy and playful, suitable for those seeking a distinctive, low-maintenance look.

Curly Mullet With a Side Part

curly mullet with a side part

The side part adds a contemporary twist to the classic curly mullet, creating an asymmetrical allure. This style lends itself to versatility, easily transitioning from a casual day look to a more dramatic evening aesthetic. By emphasizing the curly texture on one side, it balances the edgy mullet back with a touch of elegance.

Afro-textured Modern Mullet

afro textured modern mullet

The Afro-textured modern mullet embraces natural curl patterns, pairing a voluminous, textured crown with a tapered nape. This style modernizes the traditional mullet by celebrating the inherent structure and bounce of Afro-textured hair. It offers a bold statement that showcases cultural heritage while remaining trendy and current.

Curly Mullet With Hair Accessories Like Headbands

curly mullet with hair accessories like headbands

Incorporating headbands adds a touch of personal flair to the curly mullet, framing the face and emphasizing the juxtaposition of lengths. This accessory accentuates the shape of the mullet, drawing attention to the voluminous curls while maintaining a clean hairline. It offers both a practical and fashionable way to manage curls, keeping them out of the face with a stylish edge.

Mohawk-inspired Curly Mullet

mohawk inspired curly mullet

This audacious style merges the rebellious essence of a Mohawk with the playfulness of curls. The central strip of voluminous curls tapers down to closely shaven sides, creating a bold contrast. It embodies a daring, punk-influenced aesthetic that’s both edgy and suitable for textured hair.