15 Curly Blue Hair Ideas to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover creative ways to rock curly blue hair, from subtle highlights to bold all-over color.

Mermaid Waves With Ocean-blue Balayage

mermaid waves with ocean blue balayage

Dive into the depths of style with waves that flaunt a gradient of sea-inspired blues, echoing the enchanting hues of the ocean.

Tight Cobalt Ringlets With Silver Streaks

tight cobalt ringlets with silver streaks

Dive into a sea of color with spirals of deep blue, made vibrant with contrasting silver highlights for a striking effect.

Pastel Blue Afro Curls With Lavender Highlights

pastel blue afro curls with lavender highlights

Infusing pastel blue into an Afro with occasional lavender highlights adds a whimsical touch, bringing a soft yet vibrant pop of color to voluminous curls.

Electric Blue Finger Coils On Natural Hair

electric blue finger coils on natural hair

Electric blue coils add a vibrant shock of color to the natural texture, turning heads with a bold, yet playful aesthetic.

Dark Blue Jerry Curls With Turquoise Tips

dark blue jerry curls with turquoise tips

A bold statement, this style combines voluminous dark blue Jerry curls with playful turquoise tips for a pop of contrast.

Soft Baby Blue Spiral Perms

soft baby blue spiral perms

Embrace a touch of whimsy with spirals of baby blue, giving your curls a playful yet sophisticated vibe.

Navy Blue Vintage Hollywood Glam Curls

navy blue vintage hollywood glam curls

Incorporate a touch of timeless elegance with curls that mimic the screen sirens of yesteryear, dyed in a deep navy hue for a modern twist.

Ice Blue Loose Wave Bob

ice blue loose wave bob

A frosty hue cascades through tousled waves, adding a playful touch to the classic bob hairstyle.

Smoky Blue Kinky Curls With a Side Shave

smoky blue kinky curls with a side shave

This style adds an edgy twist to voluminous curls, pairing a bold side shave with the allure of smoldering blue hues.

Indigo Curly Mohawk With Hidden Rainbow Layers

indigo curly mohawk with hidden rainbow layers

The indigo mohawk bursts with hidden vibrancy, revealing a spectrum of colors beneath its bold, curled peaks.

Royal Blue Deep Wave Crochet Braids

royal blue deep wave crochet braids

Adorn your locks with the regal flair of deep wave crochet braids, woven in a rich royal blue that commands attention and exudes confidence.

Teal Blue Natural Curls With Gold Beads

teal blue natural curls with gold beads

Adorning your teal blue curls with gold beads lends a touch of opulence, creating a captivating contrast that’s bound to turn heads.

Sky Blue Shaggy Curl Pixie Cut

sky blue shaggy curl pixie cut

A playful twist on the classic pixie, this cut boasts bouncy curls and a light sky hue, offering a fresh, airy look with a touch of whimsy.

Midnight Blue Curly Hair With Crystal Accessories

midnight blue curly hair with crystal accessories

Midnight blue locks interspersed with glinting crystals create a celestial aesthetic, perfect for evening events where you aim to dazzle.

Aqua Blue Curl Frohawk With Black Roots

aqua blue curl frohawk with black roots

An audacious blend of punk and playfulness, the frohawk bursts with aqua hues, anchored by natural black at the roots for a striking contrast.