15 Dyed Curly Hair Color Ideas to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover exciting color ideas for revitalizing your curly locks and how to choose the right shade for you.

Midnight Blue With Teal Highlights

midnight blue with teal highlights

Midnight blue channels the mysterious depths of the ocean, while teal highlights add playful glimmers akin to moonlight dancing on water.

Rose Gold and Soft Pink Blend

rose gold and soft pink blend

This shimmering fusion of rosy hues infuses your curls with a gentle warmth, perfect for a subtle yet enchanting color transition.

Warm Cinnamon With Honey Balayage

warm cinnamon with honey balayage

This shade weaves rich, spicy tones through your curls, creating a multidimensional look that captures the light and exudes warmth.

Deep Plum With Magenta Accents

deep plum with magenta accents

This rich, sultry option combines a dark purple base with striking magenta streaks for a vibrant contrast that adds depth and dimension to curls.

Icy Silver With Lavender Tips

icy silver with lavender tips

For a frosty edge with a playful twist, consider the striking contrast of icy silver curls cascading into soft lavender tips.

Fiery Red With Copper Highlights

fiery red with copper highlights

This vibrant color combination adds depth and reflects light, giving your curls a fiery glow reminiscent of autumn leaves.

Chocolate Brown With Golden Caramel Swirls

chocolate brown with golden caramel swirls

The fusion of rich chocolate and sun-kissed caramel hues adds warmth to curls, creating an indulgent, dimensional effect.

Electric Blue With Violet Roots

electric blue with violet roots

This vibrant combo electrifies your curls with a shock of blue and a hint of violet peeking from the roots, adding depth to your dynamic look.

Sun-kissed Bronze With Auburn Highlights

sun kissed bronze with auburn highlights

This warm, shimmering shade evokes the glow of a late summer evening, perfectly matched with subtle, fiery highlights that add dimension to your curls.

Emerald Green With Peacock Streaks

emerald green with peacock streaks

Imagine your curls as a canvas for nature’s vibrancy, where emerald green flows into peacock blue and purple, mirroring the iridescent sheen of a peacock’s feathers.

Pastel Unicorn Blend (mix of Pastel Pink, Purple, and Blue)

pastel unicorn blend mix of pastel pink purple and blue

The Pastel unicorn blend infuses your curls with a whimsical trio of shades that dance and intertwine for a dreamy, ethereal effect.

Pumpkin Spice With Blonde Highlights

pumpkin spice with blonde highlights

For a warm autumnal vibe, weave blonde highlights into a pumpkin spice base, striking a balance between bold and natural tones that capture the essence of fall.

Ocean Tones (mix of Dark and Light Blues)

ocean tones mix of dark and light blues

Channel the serene beauty of the sea by blending a spectrum of blues into your curls, transitioning from deep navy to soft sky tones.

Smoky Quartz With Ash Blonde Ends

smoky quartz with ash blonde ends

This subtle yet sophisticated combination casts a mystical vibe, reminiscent of a dusky gemstone, transitioning smoothly into a lighter, misty hue at the tips.

Merlot Red With Pink Undertones

merlot red with pink undertones

Envision your curls as the canvas for a rich Merlot hue, subtly infused with delicate pink tints to catch the light and add dimension.