15 Charming Curtain Bangs Curly Hair Styles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover how curtain bangs can flatter curly hair, offering versatility in styling and a modern twist to classic looks.

Determine Face Shape Suitability

determine face shape suitability

Curtain bangs complement oval and heart-shaped faces by softening the forehead while adding balance to the overall look. For round and square faces, they can provide an elongating effect by drawing attention upwards. Properly tailored to a client’s unique features, curly curtain bangs can accentuate the eyes and cheekbones.

Choose the Right Curl-friendly Stylist

choose the right curl friendly stylist

Search for a stylist with a portfolio showcasing expertise in cutting curly hair, particularly those who have created curtain bangs on similar textures. Inquire about their approach to curly haircuts and whether they dry-cut, which often yields the most flattering results for curls. Read reviews or ask for client referrals to ensure they understand the unique behavior of curls and can customize the bangs to suit individual patterns and face shapes.

Decide On Bang Length and Volume

decide on bang length and volume

Shorter lengths provide a playful, modern vibe but require more frequent trims to maintain their shape. Increased volume at the forehead can balance facial proportions, adding softness to angular features. Opt for subtle layering to blend the bangs seamlessly into the rest of the curls, avoiding a choppy look.

Factor in Natural Curl Pattern

factor in natural curl pattern

Curly hair has unique patterns that can influence how bangs will fall and frame the face. The springiness of curls may shorten the perceived length of bangs when cut. To ensure the desired effect, cut must account for potential shrinkage post-styling.

Use Lightweight Styling Products

use lightweight styling products

Lightweight styling products prevent curls from being weighed down, allowing for a bouncy and natural look. They offer control and definition without compromising the volume of curtain bangs. For optimal effect, focus on applying to the ends and mid-lengths, avoiding the roots to maintain lift.

Regular Trims to Maintain Shape

regular trims to maintain shape

Scheduling frequent trims prevents overgrown curtain bangs from losing their intended frame. Unruly ends are tamed, ensuring curls sit neatly around the face. Regular maintenance every 4-6 weeks preserves the style’s shape and bounce.

Dry Bangs First to Define Curls

dry bangs first to define curls

Drying curtain bangs before the rest of the hair prevents the curls from clumping together and losing definition. Targeting moisture at the root allows for more lift and better shape control. This technique helps to showcase the curly texture prominently as it frames the face.

Hand-style Curls for a Natural Look

hand style curls for a natural look

Hand-styling allows for precise curl shaping, enhancing each ringlet’s natural movement. By manipulating curls with fingers, one avoids disrupting their inherent pattern. This gentle technique minimizes frizz, resulting in a softer, more organic appearance for the bangs.

Consider a Diffuser for Drying

consider a diffuser for drying

A diffuser attachment disperses the airflow from a hair dryer, reducing frizz and maintaining curl integrity. By circulating warm air around curls, it enhances definition without disrupting their natural pattern. Using this tool when drying can help set curtain bangs into their desired shape and volume.

Experiment With Parting Directions

experiment with parting directions

Shifting the part can dramatically affect the appearance of curtain bangs on curly hair by altering volume and frame. A middle part gives a symmetrical, balanced look while a side part can create a sweeping, asymmetrical style. Experimentation helps find the most flattering effect for individual features and curl behavior.

Layering to Blend Bangs With Hair

layering to blend bangs with hair

Layering is key for integrating the shorter sections of curtain bangs with longer curls, providing a seamless flow. It allows the hair to gradate naturally from the bangs to the rest of the hair, preventing a choppy or blocky appearance. Proper layering ensures the bangs complement the overall curly hairstyle for a cohesive, polished look.

Use Pins/clips for Shaping During Sleep

use pinsclips for shaping during sleep

Sleeping with pins or clips in your bangs helps preserve the desired shape overnight. This technique prevents curls from flattening out or becoming unruly while you rest. By morning, you can remove the pins for well-defined, shaped curtain bangs with minimal styling needed.

Refresh Curls With Water or Curl Spray

refresh curls with water or curl spray

A midday spritz of water or curl-refreshing spray revives the bounce and structure of curtain bangs. This quick-fix rejuvenates curls without a full wash, keeping bangs looking defined and lively. It’s an essential step for those on-the-go needing to maintain the freshness of their curly fringe.

Embrace the Frizz for a Boho Vibe

embrace the frizz for a boho vibe

Frizz adds texture and volume, enhancing the relaxed aesthetic of bohemian styles. It softens the transition between curly bangs and the rest of your hair, creating a seamless look. A little frizz can contribute to a whimsical, carefree appearance, in tune with boho fashion statements.

Practice Different Curl Defining Techniques

practice different curl defining techniques

Experiment with finger coiling to enhance individual curl definition. Try the “plopping” method post-wash to reduce frizz and maintain curl shape around your face. Utilize a variety of diffuser attachments to discover which best keeps your bangs’ bounce intact.