15 Trendy Short Curly Hair Men Styles to Inspire Your Next Cut

Discover fresh and stylish haircut ideas tailored for men with short curly hair.

Tapered Sides With Curly Top

tapered sides with curly top

The tapered sides with curly top blend a classic cut with the natural texture of curls, offering a polished yet low-maintenance look. By keeping curls concentrated on the crown, this style highlights facial features and adds volume where it counts. It suits various face shapes and occasions, providing versatility for professional and casual environments.

Curly Undercut

curly undercut

The curly undercut combines lengthy curls on top with shaved or closely trimmed sides for a stark contrast. This style accentuates the hair’s natural texture while presenting a clean, sharp outline. It offers a modern twist that is adaptable for both casual and formal settings, suited to those who wish to make a statement with their curls.

Short Afro Hairstyle

short afro hairstyle

This timeless style embraces natural texture, providing a classic look that’s both functional and modish. The shape is round and even, with a balance between volume and length maintained for a neat appearance. Ideal for men with tight curl patterns, the short afro showcases hair health and character without extensive daily styling.

Curly Hair Fade

curly hair fade

The curly hair fade blends short sides seamlessly into the voluminous curls on top, creating a sharp contrast. This style offers a polished look that maintains the texture and liveliness of curls. It’s a versatile option, easily adaptable for both casual and formal settings.

Slicked-back Curly Hair

slicked back curly hair

Slicked-back curly hair merges classic style with modern texture, creating an elegant contrast. This look keeps curls controlled and off the face, emphasizing the hair’s natural volume on top. It’s a versatile style that suits various occasions, from professional settings to casual outings.

Curly Fringe With High Fade

curly fringe with high fade

This style combines volume with contrast, showcasing defined curls that cascade over the forehead while sharply fading into skin around the temples. It’s a fashion-forward choice ideal for those wanting to highlight their curls without a full, dense head of hair. The high fade elements create a clean, modern edge that complements the softness of the fringe.

Side Part With Loose Curls

side part with loose curls

A side part enhances the natural volume and movement of loose curls, adding an element of structure to the style. This look balances the casual allure of curls with a touch of classic grooming, making it versatile for both casual and formal settings. The asymmetry created by the part draws attention to the face, highlighting facial features.

Curly Pompadour

curly pompadour

The curly pompadour elevates the classic style by adding volume and texture atop the head. To maintain focus on the curls, hair is typically shorter on the sides, creating a striking contrast. This hairstyle offers a blend of old-school charm and modern flair, ideal for those seeking a standout, yet professional look.

Buzz Cut for Curly Hair

buzz cut for curly hair

A buzz cut offers a fuss-free option for men with curly hair, maintaining uniform length all around for a clean, neat look. This style significantly reduces styling time while accentuating facial features. It’s ideal for those seeking a low-maintenance yet trendy hairstyle.

Curly Quiff Hairstyle

curly quiff hairstyle

The curly quiff modernizes a classic style by adding volume and texture on top. This look balances sophistication with edginess, making it suitable for various occasions. Ideal for men with naturally curly hair, it offers a stylish way to embrace and showcase natural curls.

Messy Curls With Mid-fade

messy curls with mid fade

The mid-fade provides a sharp contrast to the carefree, tousled curls on top, showcasing structure alongside lively texture. This style balances edginess with an easygoing vibe, perfect for those who prefer a modern look without the effort of constant grooming. Maintenance requires occasional trims to keep the faded sides crisp and curls defined without losing their natural appeal.

Short Tight Curls With a Temple Fade

short tight curls with a temple fade

This style accentuates the natural volume and texture at the top while offering a sharp contrast with its gradually faded sides. It’s ideal for those looking to highlight their curls without a lot of length. The temple fade element adds a modern, edgy touch to the classic curly look.

Curly Caesar Cut

curly caesar cut

The Curly Caesar cut modernizes the classic style by incorporating texture on top. It features a horizontal fringe with curls trimmed uniformly for a neat yet stylish look. The defined shape around the forehead emphasizes the curls and offers a strong, masculine appeal.

Curly Hair With Hard Part

The hard part adds a defined line to one side, creating a striking contrast with the voluminous curls atop. This style accentuates the texture while offering a sleek, contemporary edge. Maintenance involves regular trims to preserve the part’s precision amidst the lively curls.

Natural Curls With Short Sides

natural curls with short sides

This style embraces the volume and texture on top while keeping the sides neat and trim. It offers a striking contrast that accentuates the natural curl pattern. Ideal for a low-maintenance yet stylish look, it suits various face shapes and curl types.