15 Mens Curly Haircuts: Trendy Styles and Inspiration

Discover a range of men’s curly haircut ideas that cater to different tastes and styles.

Tapered Sides With Voluminous Curly Top

tapered sides with voluminous curly top

This style balances a shorter, sleek gradation on the sides with a burst of curls atop, creating a sharp contrast that highlights the hair’s natural texture.

Curly Undercut With Defined Ringlets

curly undercut with defined ringlets

This style showcases closely cropped sides that transition to sculpted spirals on top, emphasizing contrast and texture.

Textured Crop With Curly Fringe

textured crop with curly fringe

This style breathes fresh air into classic cuts, flaunting playful curls on the forehead while keeping the rest of the hair neatly cropped for contrast.

Side-Parted Curly Quiff

side parted curly quiff

Adding structure and height, the Side-Parted Curly Quiff offers a polished yet playful look, perfect for emphasizing natural curls with a touch of classic sophistication.

Curly Pompadour With Fade

curly pompadour with fade

This style elevates the classic pompadour by seamlessly blending the sides into a fade, which accentuates the volume and shape of the curly top.

Slick Back Curly Hair With Mid-Fade

slick back curly hair with mid fade

The style combines the elegance of slicked-back curls with the crispness of a graduated fade, offering a polished appearance that negates bulk at the sides.

Asymmetrical Curly Top With Shaved Sides

asymmetrical curly top with shaved sides

This style carves out a bold contrast by maintaining ample curls on top while the sides are cleanly shaven, amplifying the volume and texture of the curls.

Curly Top With Hard Part and Skin Fade

This cut accentuates texture by contrasting a slick, shaved line with the natural vivacity of curly hair on top, tapering down to a neat skin fade.

Short Curly Afro With Temple Fade

short curly afro with temple fade

The Short Curly Afro with Temple Fade blends a tight crop of natural curls on top with a sleek, gradient shave at the temples, offering a stylish contrast.

Mid-Length Curls With Tousled Top

mid length curls with tousled top

Embrace the allure of naturally wavy hair by allowing the curls on top to flow freely, giving a relaxed vibe that pairs well with a more structured mid-length cut.

Long Layered Curls With Side Sweep

long layered curls with side sweep

This style accentuates the natural volume of curls while the side sweep adds effortless flair, creating a sophisticated yet relaxed look.

Curly Bowl Cut

curly bowl cut

Reviving a classic, the curly bowl cut modernizes retro vibes with uniform length around the head, showcasing bouncy curls with a hint of nostalgia.

Curly Mohawk With Burst Fade

curly mohawk with burst fade

Embrace the bold contrast of tight sides with a burst fade that accentuates cascading curls atop in this daring yet stylish twist on the Mohawk.

Short Tapered Sides With Wild Curls

short tapered sides with wild curls

Embrace your natural curl while keeping edges sharp with this wild, yet refined look perfect for adding a touch of adventurous spirit to your style.

Disconnected Curly Hair With Drop Fade

disconnected curly hair with drop fade

The style juxtaposes tight, crisp fades at the sides with a burst of untamed curls on top, offering a striking contrast.