15 Stylish Curly Hair Fade Men Ideas for a Modern Look

Discover modern curly hair fade styles for men that combine class and flair.

Tapered Temple Fade With Defined Curls

tapered temple fade with defined curls

With the hair gradually diminishing to a clean shave around the temples, this style accentuates well-defined curls on top, marrying suave and spirited vibes.

High Skin Fade With Tight Curly Top

high skin fade with tight curly top

The contrast between the nearly bare sides and the dense, spiraled curls up top creates a bold, eye-catching look.

Mid-Fade With Loose Ringlets

mid fade with loose ringlets

The mid-fade starts above the ears and extends around the head, offering a stark contrast to the soft, bouncy ringlets that sit on top.

Low Fade With Side-Swept Natural Curls

low fade with side swept natural curls

This style combines the clean look of a low fade at the back and sides with the volume and movement of side-swept curls on top, creating a harmonious balance of neatness and texture.

Curly Mohawk With Bald Fade

curly mohawk with bald fade

This style contrasts the audacity of a Mohawk with the crispness of a bald fade, blending bold expression and sharp detailing.

Undercut Fade With Curly Pompadour

undercut fade with curly pompadour

This style marries the sharp contrast of an undercut with the volume of a curly pompadour, creating a standout modern look.

Drop Fade With Voluminous Curly Afro

drop fade with voluminous curly afro

This style combines a gradual fade that drops behind the ear with a full, round afro, offering a striking contrast that accentuates curl volume and shape.

Burst Fade With Sculpted Curly Top

burst fade with sculpted curly top

The burst fade offers a semi-circular contour around the ear that gradually blends into a more defined, sculptured mass of curls on top.

Curly Top With Razor Fade Design

curly top with razor fade design

This style juxtaposes the sharp precision of a razor fade with the dynamic texture of a curly top, creating a striking visual contrast.

Asymmetrical Curly Top With Skin Fade

asymmetrical curly top with skin fade

This style elevates the conventional fade with a playful, off-center approach to curls, creating a standout, edgy look.

Curly Faux Hawk With Taper Fade

curly faux hawk with taper fade

This style amalgamates the boldness of a faux hawk with the sleekness of a taper fade, creating a dynamic contrast that accentuates the curls.

Side Part Curly Top With Hard Part Fade

side part curly top with hard part fade

This style carves a distinct line into the hair to emphasize the contrast between the voluminous curls on top and the precise fade below.

Curly Top With Disconnected Fade

curly top with disconnected fade

The Disconnected Fade emphasizes contrast, featuring sharp lines where the tightly coiled top meets the bare sides with no gradual blending.

Curly Frohawk With Tapered Fade and Line Up

curly frohawk with tapered fade and line up

A Curly Frohawk marries the edginess of a mohawk with the softness of natural curls, framed by a sharp fade and meticulous lines for a modern, striking look.

Textured Curly Quiff With Fade

textured curly quiff with fade

The textured curly quiff blends volume on top with a graduated fade at the sides for a modern, sharp look.