15 Blowout Taper Fade Curly Hair Ideas for a Fresh Look

Discover innovative approaches to styling curly hair with a blowout taper fade and transform your look with confidence.

Side-Swept Taper Fade

side swept taper fade

A side-swept taper fade combines the volume of curls with crisply faded sides, offering a sleek yet playful look.

Curly Mohawk With Fade

curly mohawk with fade

Embrace edginess by fusing tight fades on the sides with a strip of lush curls along the crown, crafting a bold Mohawk silhouette.

Curly Top With Skin Fade

curly top with skin fade

This style features tightly coiled curls on top, providing volume and texture, while the close-cropped skin fade adds a sharp, clean contrast.

Blowout Fade With Part

blowout fade with part

The Blowout Fade with Part combines sharp lines with voluminous curls, featuring a distinct parting that separates the textured top from the sleek faded sides.

Curly Afro With Temple Fade

curly afro with temple fade

The Curly Afro with Temple Fade accentuates natural volume while the tapered sides offer a sleek, polished frame to the face.

Undercut With Curly Pompadour

undercut with curly pompadour

This style combines the striking contrast of an undercut with the volume and texture of a curly pompadour for a look that exudes confidence and sophistication.

High Top Blowout Fade

high top blowout fade

The High Top Blowout Fade combines vertical volume and sharp contours, creating a striking silhouette that plays up the natural texture of curly hair.

Taper Fade With Curly Bangs

taper fade with curly bangs

The cut blends a gradual fade on the sides with playful, curly bangs that frame the face for a modern, fresh look.

Asymmetrical Curly Fade

asymmetrical curly fade

Embrace the offbeat flair of an asymmetrical curly fade, which pairs uneven lengths to showcase a playful contrast and edge.

Voluminous Curly Top With Low Fade

voluminous curly top with low fade

This style amplifies curly hair’s natural bounce atop, while keeping the sides sleek with a subtle fade for a balanced, head-turning look.

Textured Curly Top With Drop Fade

textured curly top with drop fade

A textured curly top with a drop fade blends smooth gradation with lively curls, achieving balance between sharp contours and voluminous hair.

Curly Frohawk With Tapered Sides

curly frohawk with tapered sides

Embrace edgy style by blending tight curls in a mohawk-like crest with smoothly tapered sides for a bold, yet streamlined appearance.

Designed Taper Fade With Curls

designed taper fade with curls

Incorporating imaginative etchings on the sides, this style elevates the standard fade, offering a creative twist that complements dynamic curls.

Wavy Top With Razor Fade

wavy top with razor fade

This style combines volume on top with precision-shaven sides for a sleek, contemporary contrast.

Messy Curls With Bald Fade

messy curls with bald fade

The messy curls with bald fade combines carefree curls on top with a sharp contrast of skin-level short sides, creating a statement look that’s casual yet edgy.