15 High Taper Fade Curly Hair Styles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover innovative styles for curly hair with a high taper fade that can transform your look with modern flair.

Curly Top With Skin Fade

curly top with skin fade

This style creates sharp contrast by blending tight curls down to bare skin, magnifying the curl’s prominence.

Curly Pompadour With High Fade

curly pompadour with high fade

Elevating the classic pompadour, the high fade starts just above the ear, creating a striking contrast that accentuates the voluminous, curly texture on top.

Afro Taper Fade With Tight Curls

afro taper fade with tight curls

This look combines neatly faded sides that ascend to a voluminous crown of tight curls, offering contrast and emphasizing the hair’s natural texture.

Long Curly Fringe With High Taper

long curly fringe with high taper

The long curly fringe brings a playful edge to the face while the high taper adds a sharp contrast, giving the hairstyle a clean, modern vibe.

Textured Curls With Razor Fade

textured curls with razor fade

Elevate your curly locks by blending a razored fade into the mix, adding a sharp edge to the natural texture.

Curly Faux Hawk With High Skin Fade

curly faux hawk with high skin fade

Embrace edginess with a bold contrast between tightly faded sides and a striking strip of curls cresting your scalp like a wave.

Slicked-Back Curls With Taper Fade

slicked back curls with taper fade

This style combines voluminous curls slicked back for polish, seamlessly transitioning into a precision faded cut on the sides.

High Fade With Curly Quiff

high fade with curly quiff

The curly quiff combined with a high fade offers a striking contrast, blending textured volume on top with sharply diminishing sides for a modern, edgy appearance.

Mohawk Curls With Bald Fade

mohawk curls with bald fade

The Mohawk Curls with Bald Fade combines the audacity of a spiked Mohawk with the sleekness of a fade, creating a contrast that draws attention to the voluminous curls at the top.

High Top Fade With Defined Curls

high top fade with defined curls

This style elevates your curls, showcasing them on a trimmed pedestal for a bold, defined silhouette.

Side-Parted Curly Top With High Taper

side parted curly top with high taper

This style combines the structured polish of a distinct side part with the voluminous dynamics of curly hair, all sharply contrasted by a high taper fade.

Curly Frohawk With Shaved Sides

curly frohawk with shaved sides

This edgy look combines the mohawk’s boldness with the polish of a high taper, maintaining shaved sides to spotlight the volume and texture of the curly crest.

Wavy Curly Hair With High Fade Undercut

wavy curly hair with high fade undercut

Achieve a harmonious contrast by pairing the flowing texture of wavy curls atop with the sharp precision of a high fade undercut.

High Taper With Curly Hair Design

high taper with curly hair design

Incorporating intricate patterns shaved into the sides, this high taper fade amplifies the canvas of your curls with an artistic touch.

High Taper With Spiral Curls

high taper with spiral curls

Add a twist to your style by combining the crisp lines of a high taper with the lively bounce of spiral curls on top, ensuring a look that turns heads.