15 Curly Hair Highlights Ideas to Enhance Your Locks

Discover innovative techniques and styles for highlighting curly hair to enhance its natural beauty and dimension.

Balayage On Curls

balayage on curls

Balayage creates a natural-looking, sun-kissed effect on curly hair, enhancing each curl’s movement and dimension. This freehand highlighting technique allows for a more personalized approach, targeting curls to brighten the face and add depth. The result is a low-maintenance, seamless blend of color that elevates the hair’s natural texture.

Honey Blonde Highlights

honey blonde highlights

Honey blonde highlights on curly hair create a warm, sunlit effect that enhances the hair’s natural texture. This shade is particularly flattering for those with darker curls, providing a soft contrast without stark transitions. The golden tones can help illuminate the face, adding a fresh, youthful glow to the overall appearance.

Subtle Caramel Streaks

subtle caramel streaks

Caramel streaks add a warm, dimensional look, enhancing the natural depth of curly hair. These subtle highlights mimic the soft gradation of colors, offering a sun-kissed effect without overwhelming the curls. The understated nature of this color technique is ideal for those seeking a low-maintenance update to their curly tresses.

Auburn Highlights On Dark Curls

auburn highlights on dark curls

Auburn highlights infuse warm, reddish-brown tones into dark curls, creating a vibrant contrast. This color choice adds dimension and depth, particularly under sunlight or bright indoor lighting. The richness of auburn complements the natural texture of curls by accentuating each spiral’s movement and shape.

Sun-kissed Curly Highlights

sun kissed curly highlights

Sun-kissed highlights emulate the natural lightening effect of the sun, providing a gentle luminosity to curls. They add dimension and depth, accentuating the coil of each curl with a soft, warm glow. This approach works exceptionally well for creating a subtle, beachy look on various curl types and lengths.

Ash Blonde On Curly Hair

ash blonde on curly hair

Ash blonde highlights can create a striking contrast on darker curly hair, offering an edgy, modern twist. These highlights work especially well with cooler skin tones, enhancing natural undertones with their muted cool hues. The key to success with this color choice is ensuring proper toning to avoid brassy or yellowish tints.

Chunky Chocolate Highlights

chunky chocolate highlights

Chunky chocolate highlights add depth and warmth to curly hair, creating a rich, multi-dimensional look. These bold streaks contrast well against a darker base, making curls appear fuller and more voluminous. The technique emphasizes the hair’s natural texture while offering a modern twist to the classic highlight.

Rose Gold Accents On Curls

rose gold accents on curls

Adding rose gold accents to curly hair creates a romantic and trendy look, ideal for those seeking a touch of whimsy. The warm pinkish tones blend well with most base colors, offering a gentle shift from more traditional highlights. This choice is especially flattering for lighter complexions and can add dimension to both loose and tight curls.

Copper Tones On Ringlets

copper tones on ringlets

Copper highlights introduce a rich, warm hue that can enhance curly hair’s natural volume and vibrancy. They work well with both light and dark base colors, adding dimension to the curls’ texture. This choice is especially flattering for those seeking to illuminate their complexion without drastic color changes.

Platinum Highlights in Curls

platinum highlights in curls

Platinum highlights can create a striking contrast against darker curly hair, offering an edgy, high-fashion look. When executed with precision, these highlights can catch the light and provide a shimmering effect on the curls’ multifaceted texture. Proper maintenance with toning shampoos and conditioners is essential to keep the platinum hue from turning brassy over time.

Burgundy Curls With Lighter Ends

burgundy curls with lighter ends

Burgundy shades add a rich, wine-colored tint to curly hair, creating a bold and luxurious look. Lighter ends in this palette can illuminate the face and enhance the curl’s natural dimension. This highlight approach suits those looking to make a statement while retaining some natural movement and variation in their curls.

Subtle Red On Dark Curls

subtle red on dark curls

A touch of red can enhance dark curls without overpowering their natural beauty. The subtle addition adds warmth, depth, and a hint of playfulness to your tresses. It suits those seeking a change that’s noticeable yet sophisticated, providing a unique dimension to their curls.

Icy Highlights On Natural Curls

icy highlights on natural curls

Icy highlights can add a striking contrast to natural curls, giving the hair a bold and edgy look. The cool, silvery tones work particularly well with darker hair colors, creating an eye-catching blend. This technique illuminates the texture of curly hair, making each twist and turn stand out.

Bronze Tones On Curly Hair

bronze tones on curly hair

Bronze highlights infuse warmth into the hair, enhancing the natural depth of curls. This rich, metallic shade complements darker hair colors, making curls pop with a sunlit glow. The interplay of light and shadow created by bronze tones adds dimension and movement to curly textures.

Face-framing Highlights for Curls

face framing highlights for curls

Face-framing highlights enhance the facial features by adding brightness around the face, often lightening the curls that naturally fall around the cheeks and jawline. This technique draws attention to the eyes and can also help soften certain facial shapes. Selecting the right shade to complement skin tone ensures a harmonious look, enhancing the overall appearance without overwhelming the natural curl pattern.