15 Burst Fade Mullet Curly Hair Ideas to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover how to style a burst fade mullet for curly hair with creative and practical ideas.

Asymmetrical Curly Burst Fade

asymmetrical curly burst fade

The Asymmetrical Curly Burst Fade combines off-kilter charm with curled volume, offering a dynamic twist to the classic mullet.

Textured Top With Razor Line

textured top with razor line

A contrast of texture and precision, this style features a tactile, tousled top accented by a sleek razor-sharp line for a bold statement.

Voluminous Curly Mullet With Skin Burst Fade

voluminous curly mullet with skin burst fade

This style boasts full-bodied curls cascading from the crown while transitioning into a skin-close fade at the ears for a sharp contrast.

Disconnected Curl Overhang

disconnected curl overhang

The disconnected curl overhang separates the voluminous curls on top from the precise fade at the sides, creating a striking contrast that accentuates the hair’s natural texture.

Subtle Fade With Defined Curls

subtle fade with defined curls

This style marries a gentle gradient of short to longer lengths, showcasing well-defined spirals that stand out against the modest backdrop of a faded cut.

High Burst Fade With Curly Mullet Hawk

high burst fade with curly mullet hawk

The style combines the edge of a mohawk with the free-spirited essence of curls, tapering vividly around the ears.

Tapered Edge Curl Mullet

tapered edge curl mullet

Perfect for those who crave a touch of finesse, the Tapered Edge Curl Mullet melds flowing curls on top with a gradual fade at the sides, delivering an air of sleekness to a traditionally rebellious haircut.

Mohawk Inspired Burst With Ringlet Tail

mohawk inspired burst with ringlet tail

This style marries the rebellious spirit of a Mohawk with the playfulness of a ringlet tail, seamlessly merging a bold, shaved burst fade into curly tendrils cascading at the nape.

Wavy Fade With Side-Parted Front

wavy fade with side parted front

A wavy fade with a side-parted front blends a classic wave pattern and clean side part, softening the transition between the expressive mullet and the tapered sides.

Golden Highlighted Curls With Burst Fade

golden highlighted curls with burst fade

Infusing lively character, the sun-kissed highlights dance through the curls, accentuated by a crisp burst fade for a striking contrast.

Clean Fade With Tight Curl Mullet

clean fade with tight curl mullet

The Clean Fade with Tight Curl Mullet combines precise fading techniques with a crown of well-defined curls, offering a sharp contrast that frames the face strikingly.

Side Swept Mullet With Soft Fade

side swept mullet with soft fade

The side-swept mullet blends curls effortlessly into a gentle fade, creating a balanced look that’s both trendy and manageable.

Curly Mullet With Intricate Design Fade

curly mullet with intricate design fade

Add flair to your curly mullet with a detailed fade that showcases your personality through creative patterns shaved into the sides.

Messy Curls Mullet With Mid-Burst Fade

messy curls mullet with mid burst fade

This style marries the casual flair of untamed curls atop with a smooth gradation afforded by the mid-burst fade.

Full-Bodied Curl Mullet With Sharp Fade

full bodied curl mullet with sharp fade

A voluminous cascade of curls crowns the head while a crisp, decisive fade adds a striking contrast to the style’s lower contours.