15 Undercut Curly Hair Fade Styles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover a fresh spin on styling with these innovative ideas for an undercut curly hair fade.

Tight Temple Fade With Curly Top

tight temple fade with curly top

This style features a sharp contrast with a close-cut fade at the temples that ascends to a crown of well-defined curls.

Tapered Curly Undercut With Defined Ringlets

tapered curly undercut with defined ringlets

This style marries precision with whimsy, showcasing perfectly coiled ringlets tapering into a clean, understated cut around the sides and back.

Disconnected Undercut With Voluminous Curls

disconnected undercut with voluminous curls

A dramatic contrast emerges as the sharp disconnect between the close-cut sides and the abundant curls on top spotlights lively texture and movement.

Low Fade With Side-Swept Curly Fringe

low fade with side swept curly fringe

This style combines a subtle gradient shave at the temple with a free-flowing, side-swept fringe for a balanced blend of polish and playfulness.

Curly Mohawk With Skin Fade

curly mohawk with skin fade

This style combines a bold mohawk with closely shaved sides for a striking contrast that emphasizes the unruly charm of natural curls.

Drop Fade With Natural Curly Afro

drop fade with natural curly afro

This style marries the sharp contrast of a drop fade with the bold texture of an Afro, showcasing curls in a striking graduated silhouette.

High Fade With Twisted Curls

high fade with twisted curls

The high fade with twisted curls combines sharp, skin-close sides with spiraled locks on top for a striking contrast.

Mid Fade With Curly Pompadour

mid fade with curly pompadour

The mid fade curls into a striking pompadour, fusing classic style with modern flair.

Bald Fade With Side Parted Curls

bald fade with side parted curls

This style combines the sharp contrast of a skin-close shave with the volume and dynamic texture of curls swept to the side, offering a modern twist on classic sophistication.

Scissor Fade With Loose Curly Quiff

scissor fade with loose curly quiff

Blending the precision of scissor work with the playfulness of curls, this style offers a structured yet relaxed look, ideal for those wanting a balance of neatness and volume.

Burst Fade With Curly Faux Hawk

burst fade with curly faux hawk

This style combines a burst fade that arches around the ears and transitions into a bold curly top, sculpted into a striking faux hawk silhouette.

Asymmetrical Curly Undercut With Artistic Design

asymmetrical curly undercut with artistic design

This style combines uneven lengths that play off the volume of curls with a creative shaved design for a bold statement.

Curly Top With Hard Part and Razor Fade

curly top with hard part and razor fade

This style features a precise line that carves through textured curls, juxtaposed with a gradual fade that tapers to the skin for a sharp, contemporary look.

Undercut With Curly Bangs and Stubble Fade

undercut with curly bangs and stubble fade

This style softens the contrast of a traditional undercut by allowing curly bangs to cascade over the forehead, anchored by a subtle fade around the stubble area for a cohesive look.

Curly Taper Fade With Slicked Back Curls

curly taper fade with slicked back curls

This style combines the gradual transition of a taper fade with the elegance of slicked-back curls, creating a sophisticated and polished look.