15 Fun and Stylish Wavy Curly Hair Ideas to Elevate Your Look

Discover versatile styles and care tips for wavy curly hair to effortlessly boost your locks’ natural texture.

Beachy Waves With a Sea Salt Spray

beachy waves with a sea salt spray

A spritz of sea salt spray adds texture, offering a breezy, effortless look typical of a day spent by the ocean.

Soft Finger Coils

soft finger coils

Soft finger coils define each strand, spotlighting your hair’s voluminous potential and crafting a sophisticated cascade of curls.

Deep Side Part With Voluminous Curls

deep side part with voluminous curls

A deep side part elevates volume, giving an air of glamour to your curly mane.

Half-up, Half-down Twist-out

half up half down twist out

A half-up, half-down twist-out offers both elegance and playful flair, showcasing your curls’ volume on top while letting them cascade freely at the back.

Curly Shag Haircut

curly shag haircut

The curly shag haircut infuses edginess and volume, framing the face with layered curls that cascade with effortless style.

Pineapple Updo for Sleep

pineapple updo for sleep

Preserving your curls overnight is simple with the pineapple updo, which keeps them away from your pillow and reduces frizz.

Diffused Blowout for Defined Curls

diffused blowout for defined curls

A diffused blowout enhances each ringlet, adding bounce and minimizing frizz for a polished curly look.

Waterfall Braid With Natural Texture

waterfall braid with natural texture

A waterfall braid showcases your curls as they cascade down, intertwined with braided accents, creating a whimsical and effortlessly chic look.

Spiral Curls With a Curling Wand

spiral curls with a curling wand

A curling wand transforms wavy hair into precise, spiraling tendrils for a classic, polished appearance.

Root Clipping for Lift and Volume

root clipping for lift and volume

Root clipping strategically props up the roots during drying, giving your waves a much-needed boost.

Messy Bun With Face-framing Tendrils

messy bun with face framing tendrils

A carefree twist on the classic updo, this style softens the face with loose curls while keeping the whimsy of wavy hair intact.

Scarf-wrapped Ponytail for Curly Accents

scarf wrapped ponytail for curly accents

Accessorizing with a scarf adds a pop of color and texture to your curls, while keeping them controlled in a playful ponytail.

Wet Look With Gel for Defined Waves

wet look with gel for defined waves

The wet look leverages gel to lock in your waves, offering a sleek, glossy finish that mimics the fresh-out-of-the-ocean vibe.

Layered Cut to Enhance Natural Movement

layered cut to enhance natural movement

Strategic layers carve out bounce and sway, giving curls a livelier dance with every step.

Crown Braid Encircling Natural Waves

crown braid encircling natural waves

A crown braid serves as a regal frame, showcasing your waves in a halo of braided elegance.