15 Curly Undercut Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover a variety of stylish curly undercut hairstyles that can transform your look with a blend of flair and edginess.

Disconnected Curly Undercut

disconnected curly undercut

A disconnected curly undercut features sharply contrasted lengths, with tight sides and voluminous curls on top to create a bold statement.

Curly Top With Razor Line

curly top with razor line

A razor line adds a sleek, defining edge to separate the voluminous curls on top from the closely cropped sides, creating a striking contrast in textures.

Curly Pompadour Undercut

curly pompadour undercut

Adding height and drama, the curly pompadour undercut merges classic flair with modern edge, giving those with spiraled locks a polished yet spirited look.

Tapered Sides With Curly Bangs

tapered sides with curly bangs

This style blends short, progressively longer cuts at the sides, drawing focus to bouncy curls that frame the face atop.

Asymmetric Curly Undercut

asymmetric curly undercut

The Asymmetric Curly Undercut presents a striking contrast, featuring longer curls on one side of the head that gradually shorten to reveal a sharp undercut on the opposite side.

High Fade With Curly Fringe

high fade with curly fringe

This style amplifies contrast by pairing a sharp fade at the sides with a plush, curly fringe that becomes a statement feature.

Undercut With Curly Quiff

undercut with curly quiff

This style elevates volume and texture by combining a short, sharp undercut with the height and structured waves of a quiff, creating a striking contrast that’s hard to miss.

Voluminous Curls With Skin Fade

voluminous curls with skin fade

Elevate your style with a striking contrast: lush, buoyant curls on top, fading into a sleek, skin-close shave around the sides and back.

Curly Afro Undercut With Design

curly afro undercut with design

Incorporate artistic flair into your look by etching designs into the shaved sections of a curly afro, offering a bold contrast and personal touch.

Side-Swept Curly Undercut

side swept curly undercut

Embracing both texture and edge, this style features voluminous curls swept to one side, undercut on the other, providing a sleek yet bold contrast.

Wavy Top With Precision Cut Undercut

wavy top with precision cut undercut

This style combines undulating waves above with an exact, sharp cut around the back and sides, creating a contrast that’s both bold and elegant.

Curly Bowl Cut Undercut

curly bowl cut undercut

The style combines the classic structure of a bowl cut with an undercut to add edge and reduce the volume at the back and sides, accentuating the curls on top.

Undercut With Curly Top Knot

undercut with curly top knot

This style combines a sleek undercut with a dynamic curly top knot, offering a striking contrast between sharp edges and soft, bouncy curls.

Wild Curls With Soft Undercut

wild curls with soft undercut

Embrace the contrast of untamed, bouncy curls on top with a subtle, shorter cut at the sides to add a modern twist to a classic look.

Curly Mohawk Undercut

curly mohawk undercut

The Curly Mohawk Undercut blends rebellious edginess with playful spirals, carving out a fierce silhouette that speaks volumes about personal style.