15 Stylish Hairstyle Ideas for Mixed Boys with Curly Hair

This article provides styling tips and haircut options for boys with curly hair to create fresh and stylish looks.

Tapered Afro With Defined Curls

tapered afro with defined curls

This style showcases a gradual decrease in length from the top down, while the curls remain perfectly coiled and full of bounce.

Curly Mohawk With Faded Sides

curly mohawk with faded sides

This style marries the edginess of a Mohawk with the clean look of faded sides, offering a bold statement that highlights the texture of curly hair.

Twists With a Fade

twists with a fade

A harmonious blend of precision fades and spiraled twirls, this style accentuates texture while providing a sleek, polished edge.

Curly Top With Undercut

curly top with undercut

This style combines convenience and flair, showcasing voluminous curls on top, contrasted with a clean, short shave around the sides.

Short Sides With Voluminous Curly Top

short sides with voluminous curly top

This style balances close-cropped sides to spotlight the full-bodied curls above, creating a striking contrast that accentuates the hair’s natural texture.

Sponge Curls With a Hard Part

sponge curls with a hard part

This style combines tight, springy curls with a crisply shaved line for a striking contrast.

Curly Fringe With High Fade

curly fringe with high fade

This style combines the playfulness of curls on top with the sharp clean lines of a high fade, creating a striking contrast that frames the face.

Frohawk With Designs Shaved Into the Sides

A frohawk makes a bold statement by blending the edginess of a Mohawk with the natural texture of curls, accented by creative shaved designs for added flair.

Long Curly Locks With Middle Part

long curly locks with middle part

This style lets natural curls flow freely down each side, framing the face symmetrically and providing a casual, carefree vibe.

Short Curly Quiff

short curly quiff

A short curly quiff combines the classic appeal of a quiff with the natural texture of curls, creating a hairstyle that stands out yet remains manageable.

High-top Fade With Tight Curls

high top fade with tight curls

This style elevates tight curls into a towering silhouette, offering a bold statement that balances volume and structure.

Curly Pompadour

curly pompadour

The Curly Pompadour elevates the classic style by adding a twist of textured curls, creating a bold statement that blends vintage charm with modern flair.

Side-parted Curly Hair With Low Fade

side parted curly hair with low fade

The blend of a structured side part and a sleek low fade cultivates a dapper look that accentuates curly hair’s volume while maintaining a neat perimeter.

Curly Hair With Shaved Side Art

curly hair with shaved side art

This style combines the expressive nature of curls with the edgy vibe of intricate designs shaved into the sides, offering a canvas for personal expression.

Bouncy Curls With Temple Fade

bouncy curls with temple fade

The style combines volume and movement at the top with sleek, tapered sides for a fresh and dynamic contrast.