15 Low Taper Fade Curly Hair Styles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover stylish and versatile low taper fade hairstyles for curly hair, offering a fresh look with minimal maintenance.

Curly Top With Temple Taper

curly top with temple taper

This style combines voluminous curls on top with neatly tapered sides focusing on the temples, providing a sharp contrast.

Textured Taper Fade With Defined Curls

textured taper fade with defined curls

This style elevates texture by carving out curls that stand out sharply against a neatly tapered backdrop.

Low Taper With Tight Ringlets

low taper with tight ringlets

This style enhances the ringlet’s definition by gradually lessening the hair length near the temples, offering a sharp yet subtle contrast.

Asymmetrical Curly Top Fade

asymmetrical curly top fade

This style features varying lengths across the top, adding an artistic twist to the classic curly taper fade.

Curly Mohawk With Low Taper

curly mohawk with low taper

This style combines the edginess of a mohawk with the sleekness of a low taper, emphasizing the bold curls at the top while keeping the sides understated.

Low Fade With Curly Frohawk

low fade with curly frohawk

This style blends a daring frohawk with a subtle fade at the sides, emphasizing the contrast and enhancing the curls’ prominence.

Side-Parted Curly Curls With Low Taper

side parted curly curls with low taper

This style combines a crisp, low taper fade at the temples with elegantly side-parted curls, offering a polished yet dynamic look.

Natural Curls With Subtle Temp Fade

natural curls with subtle temp fade

This style blends unaltered curls on top with a gentle fade at the temples, offering a neat yet expressive look.

Taper Fade With Blonde Highlights On Curls

taper fade with blonde highlights on curls

Blonde highlights add a vibrant contrast, spotlighting the depth and dimension of your curls with every turn.

Curly Hair Sponge Top With Low Taper

curly hair sponge top with low taper

This style blends the casual charm of curls crafted with a sponge, tapering into clean, low sides for a neat finish.

Voluminous Curly Top With Edge Up

voluminous curly top with edge up

This style combines a thick, curly crown with a sharp, precise hairline for a striking contrast and bold statement.

Low Taper With Wavy Texture

low taper with wavy texture

This style softens the transition between distinct wave patterns and shorter sides, enhancing the natural flow of wavy hair.

Taper Fade With Curly Fringe

taper fade with curly fringe

This style blends a sleek taper fade with a playful curly fringe, offering a dynamic contrast that accentuates facial features.

Laid Back Waves With Low Taper Fade

laid back waves with low taper fade

This style combines relaxed, flowing waves on top with a crisp, subtle fade around the temples for a casual yet neat appearance.

Taper Fade With Side-Swept Curly Bangs

taper fade with side swept curly bangs

This style combines a sleek low taper fade with curly bangs brushed to the side, offering a modern twist that frames the face attractively.