15 Curly Hair Boys Black Styles and Cut Ideas

Discover fresh and stylish haircut ideas for boys with curly black hair that cater to their texture and shape.

Short Sides, Curly Top Fade

short sides curly top fade

This style accentuates the curls by keeping them voluminous and focused on top while the sides are clipped short for a sharp contrast.

Curly Mohawk With Design

curly mohawk with design

This style blends the boldness of a mohawk with the creativity of etched designs, making each look as expressive as the individual wearing it.

Taper Fade With Sponge Curls

taper fade with sponge curls

The taper fade with sponge curls combines neat, graduated sides with a textured, voluminous top for a sharp contrast.

Curly Afro With Shape Up

curly afro with shape up

A neatly contoured hairline brings a crisp dimension to the voluminous curls of the afro, striking a balance between polished edges and natural textures.

Coil Out With Temple Fade

The coil out accentuates each ringlet, while the temple fade brings a clean, sharp contrast to the voluminous curls.

Twisted Curls With Undercut

twisted curls with undercut

This style combines the volume and texture of twisted curls up top with a sleek, clean-shaven undercut for a look that’s as stylish as it is manageable.

Long Curls With a Headband

long curls with a headband

A headband aids in managing longer curls, creating a stylish contrast that keeps hair away from the face while spotlighting natural volume and texture.

Curly Pompadour

curly pompadour

The curly pompadour blends the classic voluminous style with textured curls for a modern twist on a retro look.

Blonde Tipped Curly Frohawk

blonde tipped curly frohawk

This style offers a rebellious twist by pairing a daring frohawk with sun-kissed blonde tips, perfect for making a bold statement.

Side-parted Ringlet Afro

side parted ringlet afro

Embrace a classic aesthetic with a side-parted ringlet afro, offering a defined and polished look.

Curly Burst Fade

curly burst fade

The curly burst fade offers a dynamic contrast, featuring tight ringlets cascading from a focal point around the ear, blending into a sleek fade down the neck.

Curly Top With Shaved Sides

curly top with shaved sides

This style creates a bold contrast, showcasing voluminous curls atop a clean, bare canvas of closely-shaved sides.

Textured Curls With Hard Part

textured curls with hard part

A hard part accentuates textured curls, adding a crisp definition to a voluminous, expressive style.

Curly Fringe With High Fade

curly fringe with high fade

This style combines the soft allure of curls across the forehead with a sharp contrast of a high skin fade at the sides.

Wavy Faux Hawk

wavy faux hawk

The wavy faux hawk molds rebellious waves into a daring crest, adding an edge to the classic mohawk silhouette without the commitment of shaving the sides completely.