15 Trendy Curly Hair Toddler Boy Haircuts and Styles

Discover practical haircut ideas for your toddler boy with curly hair that balance style and manageability.

Textured Top With Soft Sides

textured top with soft sides

This style keeps the curls lively and voluminous on top while the sides remain trim and manageable, creating a neat yet playful contrast.

Taper Fade With Defined Curls

taper fade with defined curls

This style showcases curls with a neat gradient on the sides, offering a polished yet playful look perfect for energetic toddlers.

Little Surfer Cut With Natural Curls

little surfer cut with natural curls

This easy-breezy style lets those natural curls flow loosely, capturing a carefree, beach-ready vibe perfect for active tots.

Shoulder-Length Ringlets

shoulder length ringlets

This style lets loose ringlets cascade to the shoulders, showcasing the hair’s natural volume and allowing for easy movement.

Bob Cut for Bouncy Curls

bob cut for bouncy curls

This style offers a manageable length that allows springy curls to form a soft, face-framing halo.

Mohawk With Twisted Curls

mohawk with twisted curls

This style gives a spunky spin to tradition, featuring curls coaxed into a striking peak along the toddler’s scalp, blending attitude with adorable.

Curly Top With Shaved Sides

curly top with shaved sides

This style combines a voluminous curly crown with sleek, buzzed sides for a striking contrast that frames your toddler’s features and keeps hair neat and manageable.

Gentleman’s Side Part With Waves

gentlemans side part with waves

This classic cut gives a dapper touch to a young boy’s look, featuring a defined parting that complements the natural wave of the hair.

Rounded Afro Cut for Toddlers

rounded afro cut for toddlers

This cut shapes the child’s natural curls into a soft, round silhouette, offering easy maintenance and a timeless look.

Natural Curls With Mid-Fade

natural curls with mid fade

This style combines the effortless charm of untamed curls on top with a clean, gradual fade to the skin for a sharp contrast.

The Mini Pompadour Curls

the mini pompadour curls

This style elevates the traditional pomp by adding a twist of bouncy curls to a toddler’s crown, delivering an air of dapper charm with a playful edge.

Layered Curl Cut for Volume

layered curl cut for volume

A layered cut emphasizes each ringlet, giving your toddler’s curls more bounce and lightness.

Side-Swept Curls With Taper

side swept curls with taper

This style keeps curls controlled yet lively, with longer strands cascading to one side and a neat taper providing a clean-cut contrast.

Curly Quiff With Textured Fringe

curly quiff with textured fringe

This style combines a voluminous curly quiff with a soft, tousled fringe, creating a playful yet fashion-forward look for your little one.

The Playful Curly Frohawk

the playful curly frohawk

This style gives your little one an edge with its mohawk-inspired strip of curls, combining fun and attitude in a tot-friendly cut.