15 Stylish Low Taper Long Hair Ideas for a Trendy Look

In this article, you will discover a variety of low taper haircut styles that perfectly complement long hair, offering a fresh spin on a classic look.

Slick Back Undercut

slick back undercut

The slick back undercut blends a sleek, combed-back top layer with sharply tapered sides for a modern, clean-cut aesthetic.

Textured Top With Faded Sides

textured top with faded sides

A contrasting style that combines volume and movement up top with sleek, taper-faded sides for a sharp, modern look.

Long Layered Taper

long layered taper

This style cascades in flowing layers, giving a sophisticated edge to long locks while maintaining a soft, gradual transition at the temples.

Side Part With a Natural Taper

side part with a natural taper

This style frames the face with a classic side part, blending seamlessly into shorter lengths around the ears and nape for a polished finish.

Long Curly Hair With Tapered Nape

long curly hair with tapered nape

This style gracefully transitions from voluminous curls on top to a shorter, cleaner cut at the nape, offering a striking contrast that highlights curly textures.

Braided Man Bun With Taper

braided man bun with taper

Blending braids with a low taper offers a striking contrast, maintaining the hair’s length while showcasing the scalp’s neat edges.

Tapered Afro With Defined Curls

tapered afro with defined curls

A tapered Afro shapes the hair to accentuate natural curls while maintaining volume on top and cleaner, shorter sides for a balanced profile.

Pompadour With Low Taper Fade

pompadour with low taper fade

The pompadour with low taper fade combines voluminous hair on top that gracefully recedes into neatly shortened sides.

Shoulder-Length Waves With Taper

shoulder length waves with taper

Shoulder-grazing waves soften the edginess of a taper, offering a harmonious blend of free-flowing locks and structured sides for a versatile look.

Half-Up Ponytail With Tapered Edges

half up ponytail with tapered edges

This style merges the casual coolness of a half-up pony with the sharp sophistication of tapered back and sides.

Messy Top Knot With Low Taper

messy top knot with low taper

This style infuses casual elegance with a neat perimeter, marrying the ease of a thrown-up bun with the polish of a low taper.

Straight Hair With Subtle Taper

straight hair with subtle taper

A subtle taper gives straight, flowing locks a refined edge while maintaining the hair’s natural length and sleekness.

Low Taper With Long Fringe

low taper with long fringe

The low taper with long fringe blends subtlety in the back and sides while allowing face-framing bangs to make a bold statement.

Long Dreadlocks With Tapered Sides

long dreadlocks with tapered sides

This style balances the edginess of dreadlocks with the neatness of tapered sides, offering a fresh, manageable take on the traditional dreadlock look.

Tapered Viking Style With Braids

tapered viking style with braids

Fuse the rugged appeal of Viking braids with a modern twist by merging them with a low taper, creating a stylish contrast that’s worthy of both battle and boardroom.