15 Cute Guys with Curly Hair Age 13 Ideas

Discover stylish and age-appropriate hairstyles for teenage boys with curly hair.

Tousled Beach Curls With a Bandana

Imagine a 13-year-old guy with tousled beach curls pairing them with a bandana for a laid-back and stylish look that channels those summertime vibes effortlessly.

Shoulder-length Ringlets With a Baseball Cap

shoulder length ringlets with a baseball cap

Shoulder-length ringlets with a baseball cap: Elevates a casual look with a sporty and stylish twist. Adds a fun and youthful vibe to curly hair at age 13.

Short Afro With a Colorful Headband

Adding a pop of color with a headband complements a short afro, enhancing the overall look.

Curly Top With Shaved Sides

This style combines the fun and playfulness of curls with a bold twist. It gives a youthful and stylish look, perfect for those who like to stand out from the crowd. The contrast between the curly top and the shaved sides adds an edgy and modern touch to the overall appearance. It’s a trendy choice for boys who want to rock their curly hair with confidence.

Mid-length Curls With a Snapback

mid length curls with a snapback

A cool and trendy style for 13-year-old boys with curly hair, the mid-length curls paired with a snapback add a touch of urban flair to their look.

Loose Spirals With a Bucket Hat

loose spirals with a bucket hat

Sporting loose spirals with a bucket hat adds a cool, laid-back vibe to a curly-haired guy’s look.

Bob-length Curls With a Beanie

Bob-length curls with a beanie create a stylish and youthful look for boys with curly hair. The combination of the bob-length curls and a beanie adds a cool and casual vibe to the overall appearance. This hairstyle choice allows for a trendy and versatile option that can be easily adapted for different occasions. The beanie not only keeps the head warm but also adds a touch of laid-back charm to the curly hair style.

Curl-topped Mohawk

curl topped mohawk

Curly hair can add a fun and unique twist to a classic mohawk style, creating a bold and stylish look that stands out from the crowd.

Soft Curls With a Visor

soft curls with a visor

Pairing soft curls with a visor can give a cool and laid-back vibe to a young guy’s look, adding a touch of casual sportiness.

Curly Bangs With a Fedora

Pairing curly bangs with a fedora adds a stylish and fashionable touch to a teenage boy’s look, elevating his overall appearance and showcasing his unique sense of style.

Tight Coils With a Beret

Imagine a stylish teen with tight coils donning a classic beret, oozing confidence and flair in an effortlessly cool look.

Bushy Curls With a Flat Cap

bushy curls with a flat cap

Pair bushy curls with a flat cap for a trendy and youthful look; it adds a touch of flair to any outfit.

Natural Curls With a Trilby

natural curls with a trilby

Pairing natural curls with a trendy trilby hat can add a touch of sophistication to a young man’s look while showcasing his unique style.

Voluminous Curls With a Newsboy Cap

voluminous curls with a newsboy cap

This style pairs voluminous curls with a classic newsboy cap, adding a touch of vintage charm to the look.

Short Cropped Curls With a Top Hat

short cropped curls with a top hat

Short cropped curls with a top hat add a touch of sophistication and quirkiness to a young guy’s look, elevating his style effortlessly. It’s a fun and fashionable way to embrace and show off curly hair while looking cool and unique.