15 Layered Short Curly Haircuts to Inspire Your Next Style

Discover a variety of short, layered haircuts that will breathe new life into your curly tresses and highlight your hair’s natural bounce and texture.

Tousled Bob With Layers

tousled bob with layers

A tousled bob with layers imparts volume and movement, making it a playful twist on the classic bob for those with short, curly hair.

Stacked Curly Pixie Cut

stacked curly pixie cut

For a voluminous effect that adds height, the stacked pixie accentuates curls with its shorter back and progressively longer top sections.

Asymmetrical Curly Bob

asymmetrical curly bob

An asymmetrical curly bob introduces a playful twist by varying strand length, creating a dynamic silhouette that frames the face attractively.

Layered Curly Shag Hairstyle

layered curly shag hairstyle

Embrace a playful, retro vibe with this haircut; its strategic layers amplify volume and add movement to naturally curly locks.

Curly Pixie With Shaved Sides

curly pixie with shaved sides

This cut pairs the edginess of a shaved undercut with whimsical curls on top, adding a punch of personality and reducing bulk.

Choppy Curly Bob With Bangs

choppy curly bob with bangs

This style fuses playful curls with trendy bangs for a spirited, youthful look, while the choppy layers add volume and movement.

Graduated Curly Bob

graduated curly bob

A graduated curly bob lends dimension and movement, slowly transitioning in length from back to front which flatters the neckline and adds bounce to the curls.

Curly Fringe With Undone Layers

curly fringe with undone layers

Embrace a playful edge with a curly fringe complemented by tousled layers that frame the face and add a soft, airy vibe to the overall look.

Angled Curly Lob

angled curly lob

A gently sloped cut that elegantly frames the face, the angled lob enhances curly textures, providing bounce and movement.

Voluminous Curly Pixie With Deep Side Part

voluminous curly pixie with deep side part

Embrace bold curls and a playful vibe with this cut that boasts ample body and a dramatic side part, perfect for framing the face and infusing personality into your style.

Curly Layered Crop With Textured Top

curly layered crop with textured top

This style elevates curls by adding volume and movement with shorter layers on the top and a textured finish.

Messy Curly Bob With Highlights

messy curly bob with highlights

Incorporating highlights into a tousled curly bob adds depth and dimension, making it a low-maintenance yet stylish choice for textured hair.

Tight Ringlet Afro With Layered Cut

tight ringlet afro with layered cut

This hairstyle elevates tight curls through strategic layering, adding dimension and reducing bulk for a flattering, airy silhouette.

Curly Bowl Cut With Micro Bangs

curly bowl cut with micro bangs

This style marries the classic shape of a bowl cut with playful, short bangs to frame the face while emphasizing the natural volume of curls.

Short Curly Mullet With Varying Layers

short curly mullet with varying layers

This modern twist on the classic mullet embraces curly textures by incorporating different layer lengths for a playful yet edgy look.