15 Naturally Curly Hairstyles for Curly Hair Over 50: Inspiring Ideas

Discover flattering and easy-to-maintain hairstyles for naturally curly hair, ideal for those over 50.

Soft Layered Bob

soft layered bob

This style adds volume and movement, making it perfect for thinning curls, giving a youthful yet manageable look.

Classic Curly Pixie Cut

classic curly pixie cut

This style embraces a chic, low-maintenance look that enhances the face’s natural contours, making it perfect for women over 50 who desire a youthful yet sophisticated appearance.

Shoulder-Length Curls With Bangs

shoulder length curls with bangs

This style frames the face beautifully, offering a youthful flair with its playful bangs and bouncy curls.

Voluminous Natural Afro

voluminous natural afro

This style celebrates thick curls, projecting an air of confidence and timeless grace for those over 50.

Tousled Lob

tousled lob

The tousled lob offers a carefree look that combines ease of maintenance with chic, voluminous curls perfect for embracing natural texture.

Elegant Updo With Wisps

elegant updo with wisps

This style adds sophistication and youthfulness, featuring soft tendrils that frame the face, ideal for formal events or everyday elegance.

Curly Shag

curly shag

This style combines choppy layers and tousled curls for a youthful, carefree look ideal for enhancing natural texture.

Half-Up, Half-Down Style

half up half down style

This style offers a charming balance by keeping curls flowing freely at the shoulders while pulling the top section away from the face for a neat look.

Textured Bob With Highlights

textured bob with highlights

This style introduces playful light accents to boost volume and frame your face, breathing new life into classic cuts.

Sleek Bun With Curly Accents

sleek bun with curly accents

This style combines the elegance of a smooth bun at the back with playful curly strands framing the face, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication.

Beach Waves Lob

beach waves lob

This style combines the carefree elegance of beach waves with the manageable length of a lob, offering a youthful yet sophisticated look for those over 50.

Bohemian Braided Crown

bohemian braided crown

This style interweaves braids around the head to create a regal, carefree look ideal for enhancing natural curls.

Curly Layered Pixie

curly layered pixie

This style adds volume and dimension, making it perfect for showcasing natural curls with minimal styling effort.

Side Part With Hollywood Curls

side part with hollywood curls

This glamorous style combines deep side parting with smooth, voluminous curls for a classic Hollywood look.

Cascading Curls With Side Pin

cascading curls with side pin

This style adds a touch of glamour, perfect for special occasions, by softly pinning one side to let the curls flow elegantly.