15 Curly Hair Mohawk Male Styles to Inspire Your Next Edgy Look

Discover fresh takes on the curly hair mohawk for men, boosting your style game with innovative twists on this bold haircut.

Frohawk With Defined Ringlet Sides

frohawk with defined ringlet sides

A frohawk marries the wildness of curls with the stark contrast of straightened sides, highlighting defined ringlets that cascade alongside a strip of striking hair elevation.

Tapered Fade Mohawk With Spiral Curls

tapered fade mohawk with spiral curls

Spiral curls cascade from the crown, gracefully contrasting with the neat, tapered fade that hugs the sides of the head.

Undercut Mohawk With Tight Corkscrews

undercut mohawk with tight corkscrews

Positioned strikingly between bold and classic, this style boasts a sheer undercut which gives way to a canopy of tight corkscrews, offering a dynamic contrast that commands attention.

Asymmetric Curly Mohawk With Buzzed Sides

asymmetric curly mohawk with buzzed sides

This style flaunts an imbalance that adds edge, with one side cut shorter than the other to create a bold, modern twist on the traditional mohawk.

High-top Fade With Voluminous Curly Mohawk

high top fade with voluminous curly mohawk

A towering cascade of curls takes center stage above a sleek, faded canvas, creating a striking contrast with a nod to ’90s flair.

Bleached Curly Mohawk With Dark Roots

bleached curly mohawk with dark roots

A high-contrast showstopper, this style marries the edginess of a mohawk with the modern twist of bleached curls, allowing dark roots to play up the drama.

Curly Mohawk With Shaved-in Designs

curly mohawk with shaved in designs

Adding artistic flair, the shaved-in designs accentuate the curly mohawk, turning it into a bold statement piece atop your head.

Long Curly Mohawk With Bantu Knots On Sides

long curly mohawk with bantu knots on sides

This style elevates the classic mohawk by pairing elongated curls on top with the geometric precision of bantu knots along the sides, creating a striking contrast that’s bound to turn heads.

Dyed Tips Curly Mohawk With Skin Fade

dyed tips curly mohawk with skin fade

A bold statement in contrast and color, this style marries the smooth transition of a skin fade with the playful pop of dyed tips crowning the curls.

Short Cropped Sides With Wild Curly Top

short cropped sides with wild curly top

This style flaunts a contrast between the neat, short sides and exuberant curls on top for a statement look.

Mohawk With Twisted or Braided Sides

mohawk with twisted or braided sides

Adding twists or braids along the sides introduces a dynamic texture contrast to the curly mohawk, making it a striking choice for those wanting to blend intricate detail with bold style.

Curly Mohawk With a Disconnected Beard

curly mohawk with a disconnected beard

This style juxtaposes the rebellion of a curly mohawk with the sharp contrast of a well-groomed, distinct beard, achieving a bold aesthetic that commands attention.

Curly Faux Hawk With Taper

curly faux hawk with taper

This style blends the rebellious spirit of a mohawk with the subtlety of tapered sides to soften the transition from buzzing to curls.

Wavy Mohawk With Subtle Side Fades

wavy mohawk with subtle side fades

This style blends the rebellious essence of a mohawk with the sophistication of barely-there fades, complementing the natural flow of wavy hair.

Curly Mohawk Pomp With Side Part Designs

curly mohawk pomp with side part designs

A curly mohawk pomp blends vintage flair and modern edge, elevated by intricate side part etchings for a personalized touch.