15 Charming Short Curly Hair with Bangs Styles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover fresh and creative ways to style short curly hair with bangs, perfect for adding a playful twist to your look.

Tousled Curly Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

tousled curly bob with side swept bangs

This carefree style combines waves with playful fringe, framing the face with movement and softness.

Pixie Cut With Curly Fringe

pixie cut with curly fringe

The playful juxtaposition of a daring pixie cut paired with a soft, curly fringe frames the face and injects a dash of whimsy into the style.

Shoulder-Length Ringlets With Blunt Bangs

shoulder length ringlets with blunt bangs

This style frames the face with defined curls that cascade to the shoulders, while straight-across bangs add a touch of bold sophistication.

Curly Shag With Wispy Bangs

curly shag with wispy bangs

This style gives a nod to retro flair, blending soft, feathered bangs into the body of tousled curls to frame the face with a carefree elegance.

Jaw-Length Curly Bob With Curtain Bangs

jaw length curly bob with curtain bangs

This style frames the face softly with ringlets at jaw length, paired with parted, flowy bangs that add a touch of whimsy.

Layered Curly Cut With Baby Bangs

layered curly cut with baby bangs

A layered cut introduces delightful texture to frame the face while soft, short bangs add a playful, youthful edge to the curly silhouette.

Asymmetrical Curly Bob With Razor-Cut Bangs

asymmetrical curly bob with razor cut bangs

This edgy style gives a modern twist to your curls, with one side cut shorter than the other, and the bangs artfully razored for a bold, yet sophisticated look.

Voluminous Afro With Shaped Curly Bangs

voluminous afro with shaped curly bangs

This style frames the face with a lush, rounded afro, accented by sculpted bangs that add a touch of finesse to the voluminous texture.

Chin-Length Curly Coif With Textured Bangs

chin length curly coif with textured bangs

This style frames the face with a playful edge while the textured bangs add a whimsical touch to the classic chin-length cut.

Curly Undercut With Side Bangs

curly undercut with side bangs

This style adds a modern twist with its shaved sides, offering a sharp contrast to the voluminous side-swept curls above.

Sassy Curly Pixie With Angled Bangs

sassy curly pixie with angled bangs

The sass of a pixie cut is enhanced by adding dimension with angled bangs, perfectly complementing the playful nature of curls.

Mid-Length Curls With Feathered Bangs

mid length curls with feathered bangs

Feathered bangs add a soft, airy touch to mid-length curls, framing the face with a playful vibe.

Curly Lob With Long Side Bangs

curly lob with long side bangs

A voluminous lob accented with sweeping side bangs strikes a balance between playful and polished, framing the face while lending movement to the hairstyle.

Rounded Curly Bob With Micro Bangs

rounded curly bob with micro bangs

This style marries the playful bounce of curls with the daring edge of short, blunt bangs for a modern twist on classic femininity.

Bedhead Curls With Choppy Bangs

bedhead curls with choppy bangs

Embrace a playful, carefree vibe with choppy bangs complementing untamed curls for a lively, effortlessly chic look.