15 Ideas on How to Style Short Curly Hair

Learn how to style short curly hair with creative and easy-to-follow ideas.

Messy Pixie Cut

messy pixie cut

This style offers a playful, low-maintenance look that enhances natural curl texture.

Curly Bangs and Tousled Top

curly bangs and tousled top

This style pairs playful, face-framing curly bangs with a carefree, tousled top for a fresh, lively look.

Side-Swept Curls

side swept curls

This style shifts curls across the forehead, softening facial features and adding a touch of elegance.

Asymmetrical Curly Bob

asymmetrical curly bob

The asymmetrical curly bob combines chic uneven lengths with dynamic curls, adding an edgy twist to traditional styles.

Curly Shag With Layered Bangs

curly shag with layered bangs

This style combines choppy layers with short, defined bangs to add a funky twist and enhance the natural texture of curly hair.

Slicked-Back Curls

slicked back curls

Ideal for formal events, this style pulls curls back to accentuate facial features, adding an elegant flair.

Half-up Bun

half up bun

This style elevates everyday elegance by gathering the top section of curls into a playful bun, allowing the rest to cascade freely.

Curly Halo Braid

curly halo braid

This style wraps your curls into a crown-like braid, elevating elegance while keeping hair neatly away from the face.

Curl-Defining Side Part

curl defining side part

A curl-defining side part emphasizes the natural volume and pattern of curls by sweeping them to one side, creating a dramatic and styled look.

Voluminous Afro

voluminous afro

This style celebrates full-bodied curls by maximizing volume and shape for a bold, stand-out look.

Twisted Curl Updo

twisted curl updo

This style elevates your natural curls into an elegant updo, perfect for special occasions or a stylish everyday look.

Curly Pompadour

curly pompadour

This style elevates the volume at the front of the head, producing a bold, architectural look that frames the face attractively.

Accentuated Curl Bob With Undercut

accentuated curl bob with undercut

This style combines a voluminous bob with a sharp undercut to spotlight your curls, adding a modern twist to the classic bob.

Spiral Curls With Headband

spiral curls with headband

This style elevates your curls with a decorative headband, adding flair while keeping hair managed and off the face.

Scrunch & Go

scrunch amp go

This approach leverages natural curl patterns for a carefree, low-maintenance style that maximizes texture with minimal effort.