15 Curly Wavy Hair Men Styles: Fresh Ideas for a Trendy Look

This article provides practical hairstyle options for men with curly and wavy hair, offering tips on styling and maintenance.

Beachy Waves

beachy waves

Channel laid-back surfer vibes with this relaxed style that adds volume and texture to your hair.

Shoulder-Length Curls

shoulder length curls

Shoulder-length curls offer a versatile look that balances casual charm with the sophistication suitable for formal occasions.

Curly Undercut

curly undercut

The curly undercut combines the edginess of a high-contrast cut with the dynamic texture of natural curls, creating a modern look that gives the best of both style and manageability.

Tousled Curly Top

tousled curly top

The Tousled Curly Top brings a carefree vibe, perfect for a relaxed, yet stylish look that emphasizes natural curl movement.

Slicked-Back Waves

slicked back waves

Achieving a polished look, slicked-back waves tame curls with a touch of class while maintaining texture.

Curly Fringe

curly fringe

A curly fringe offers a playful twist by adding texture to the face, perfect for those looking to soften their features or add dimension to their hairstyle.

Mid-Length Layers

mid length layers

This style involves cutting hair at varying lengths, adding volume and texture, suitable for a carefree look that minimizes the fuss in styling.

Defined Ringlets

defined ringlets

For those blessed with tight curls, defined ringlets offer a polished look that celebrates natural texture.

Short Curly Fade

short curly fade

The Short Curly Fade blends tight sides with a curly top for a sharp, low-maintenance style that accentuates natural texture.

Natural Afro Curls

natural afro curls

Embracing the inherent coil and volume, the Natural Afro Curls style showcases the hair’s authentic texture with minimal manipulation.

Side-Parted Wavy Bob

side parted wavy bob

The side-parted wavy bob offers a low-maintenance yet stylish look, perfect for Men with naturally wavy hair seeking a polished appearance with a touch of playfulness.

Textured Crop Curls

textured crop curls

Textured Crop Curls mix precision and playfulness, sculpting curly hair to stand out with a pronounced, textured top while keeping the sides short and neat.

Wavy Shag Cut

wavy shag cut

The Wavy Shag Cut combines texture and volume, ideal for a laid-back yet stylish look.

Long and Flowing Curls

long and flowing curls

For men with a longer mane, embracing your curls’ natural buoyancy can deliver an air of laid-back sophistication.

Curly Quiff

curly quiff

The Curly Quiff elevates the classic style by adding volume and texture on top, creating a striking contrast with shorter sides.