15 Side Part with Curls Hairstyle Ideas to Refresh Your Look

Discover fresh and stylish ways to combine a side part with curls for a head-turning hairstyle.

Classic Hollywood Waves

classic hollywood waves

Sweeping curls cascade along the side, emanating timeless glamour reminiscent of golden-era movie stars.

Bohemian Side Part With Loose Curls

bohemian side part with loose curls

This style combines a laid-back vibe with a touch of romantic flair, ideal for those who favor effortless elegance.

Deep Side Part With Spiraled Curls

deep side part with spiraled curls

For an edgy twist, a sharp side part pairs with tightly coiled spirals, offering a striking contrast that frames the face dramatically.

Asymmetrical Bob With Side-Swept Curls

asymmetrical bob with side swept curls

This style marries the edgy cut of an asymmetrical bob with flirtatious, side-swept curls that add a touch of softness to the sharp, angular lines.

Side-Parted Pixie With Defined Curls

side parted pixie with defined curls

A pixie cut featuring a side part amplifies texture and playfulness through well-defined curls that offer a modern twist on the classic style.

Beachy Waves With a Casual Side Part

beachy waves with a casual side part

Effortlessly chic, this style imparts a laid-back vibe with its soft waves and understated side parting.

Retro Pin Curls With a Sleek Side Part

retro pin curls with a sleek side part

Channel vintage charm with tightly sculpted curls alongside a polished, distinct side sweep.

Voluminous Side Part With Big Barrel Curls

voluminous side part with big barrel curls

Command attention with bountiful waves that work to amplify volume and exude elegance.

Side Part With Ribbon Curls and Accessory

side part with ribbon curls and accessory

Adorn a classic side part with ribbon curls by adding a statement hairpiece to draw attention and elevate the style.

Side Part With Waterfall Curls Cascade

side part with waterfall curls cascade

The waterfall curls cascade frames the face, flowing gracefully from the side part like a river over a cliff, giving off an air of romance and sophistication.

Side Part Undercut With Curled Top

side part undercut with curled top

This edgy style marries the clean lines of an undercut with the playful dynamism of curled locks cascading from the crown.

Natural Curls With Deep Side Part

natural curls with deep side part

Embrace your inherent texture with a deep side part to add instant volume and a dash of sophistication to your curls.

Side Part With Tight Ringlets

side part with tight ringlets

This style exudes elegance, featuring small, dense curls cascading from a pronounced side part, offering a timeless look reminiscent of vintage glamour.

Messy Side Part With Tousled Curls

messy side part with tousled curls

Embrace a carefree look with tousled curls that add a playful twist to your side part, perfect for a laid-back yet stylish vibe.

Glam Side Part With S-Curl Waves

glam side part with s curl waves

For a touch of elegance, these cascading waves elevate the traditional side part, providing volume and timeless flair.