15 Stunning Layered Styles for Curly Hair

Discover how layering can transform curly hairstyles, adding bounce and structure to your locks.

Cascading Layers

cascading layers

Cascading layers add bounce and fluidity, allowing curls to tumble gracefully like a waterfall.

Face-Framing Coils

face framing coils

Strategically cut coils enhance facial features, softening the jawline and accentuating the eyes.

Voluminous Top Layers

voluminous top layers

Strategic layering around the crown enhances volume, giving your curls a lively, bouncy silhouette that keeps your style looking fresh and full of life.

Tousled Shoulder Layers

tousled shoulder layers

This style gives your mane a playful and effortless vibe with curls that dance around the shoulders, creating a soft, breezy look.

Angled Bob With Curls

angled bob with curls

This style slants shorter in the back to longer in the front, offering a dynamic shape that accentuates each curl.

Long Spirals With Undercut

long spirals with undercut

This style infuses the boldness of an undercut with the grace of long, defined curls, creating a striking contrast that accentuates volume and shape.

Curly Shag With Bangs

curly shag with bangs

This style marries the rebellious spirit of the shag cut with playful ringlets, crowned by fringe that draws attention to the eyes.

Asymmetrical Curly Layers

asymmetrical curly layers

Asymmetrical layers add a playful edge, creating dynamic shapes that enhance curly textures by contrasting shorter and longer strands.

Graduated Curl Layers

graduated curl layers

Graduated curl layers feature a stepped effect, enhancing bounce and movement from the nape to the crown.

Softened Ends Layering

softened ends layering

Softened ends layering gently blends the curls, achieving a seamless transition that gives shape without sacrificing length.

Hidden Under-layers

hidden under layers

Hidden under-layers offer subtle volume and shape, maintaining natural curl patterns while reducing bulk.

Choppy Curly Pixie

choppy curly pixie

This playful cut incorporates short, varied lengths to add texture and edginess to curly tresses, making it perfect for a low-maintenance, yet stylish look.

Mid-length S-Wave Layers

mid length s wave layers

Mid-length S-wave layers add a dynamic shape, encouraging curls to form their natural S pattern for a balanced bounce.

Layered Curl Fro

layered curl fro

Embrace volume and shape with this vibrant style that creates a dynamic silhouette around your face.

Waterfall Curly Layers

waterfall curly layers

Waterfall layers create a cascade effect, allowing curls to tumble freely over each other for a dynamic, fluid look.