15 Stylish Men Curly Haircuts to Refresh Your Look

Discover a variety of curly haircut styles for men that cater to different tastes and hair types.

Tapered Sides With Defined Curls

tapered sides with defined curls

This style balances effortless curls on top with progressively shorter hair on the sides, adding a clean, sharp contrast that frames the face.

High and Tight Curly Top

high and tight curly top

This style combines close-cropped sides for a sharp contrast with a voluminous, curly top, perfect for showcasing your curls without the extra maintenance.

Curly Undercut With Fringe

curly undercut with fringe

The style juxtaposes short clipped sides with a voluminous, fringe-adorned top, offering a striking contrast that spotlights bouncy curls.

Slicked Back Curly Hair

slicked back curly hair

Embrace a dash of old-school charm with curls swept back, adding volume and sophistication to your look.

Side-Parted Curly Quiff

side parted curly quiff

The side-parted curly quiff adds a touch of classic style to your curls, giving your look an air of sophistication.

Curly Pompadour

curly pompadour

Blending vintage charm with modern flair, the Curly Pompadour elevates volume at the front to create a striking, bold silhouette.

Disconnected Curly Fade

disconnected curly fade

This edgy style contrasts sharply defined curls atop with a stark fade on the sides, offering a bold statement for those embracing their natural texture.

Mid-Fade With Loose Curls

mid fade with loose curls

This style combines the sharp contrast of a mid-fade cut with the natural volume and movement of loosely worn curls.

Long Curly Hair With Texture

long curly hair with texture

Embrace your curls with shoulder-length layers that add volume and dynamism, creating a natural, flowing appearance.

Curly Buzz Cut

curly buzz cut

The Curly Buzz Cut offers minimal fuss for men who crave a low-maintenance yet stylish approach to taming their curls.

Curly Mohawk With Burst Fade

curly mohawk with burst fade

This style combines the rebellious edge of a mohawk with the clean, fading sides of a burst fade for a bold statement.

Curly Afro With Shape Up

curly afro with shape up

A Curly Afro with Shape Up combines voluminous curls with a precise hairline, creating a striking contrast that frames the face.

Textured Crop With Curly Fringe

textured crop with curly fringe

The textured crop elevates curls with a modern twist, framing the face with a playful, edgy fringe.

Curly Bowl Cut

curly bowl cut

Embracing a retro vibe, the curly bowl cut frames the face with a uniform length, offering a bold statement for those sporting natural curls.

Shoulder-Length Curly Layers

shoulder length curly layers

Embrace natural volume and movement by letting curls fall into shoulder-grazing layers, a versatile choice for those with longer hair.