15 Curly Slick Back Hairstyles to Elevate Your Look

Discover fresh ways to style a curly slick back that add flair to your look while keeping your curls controlled and stylish.

Wet Look Waves

wet look waves

Achieve a beach-fresh appearance by styling your curls to glisten as if kissed by sea spray.

Textured Pomade Slick

textured pomade slick

This style employs a pomade with a matte or low shine finish, giving your curls defined texture while keeping them neatly swept back.

Curly Side Part Slick

curly side part slick

Embrace your curls while maintaining sophistication; the Curly Side Part Slick offers a polished look with a defined edge that stands out.

High Shine Slick Back

high shine slick back

For a dazzling, polished finish, the high shine slick back employs glossy products that reflect light and emphasize the curls’ natural movement.

Slick Back Undercut

slick back undercut

The Undercut Sharpens the Contrast, spotlighting curls swept back atop a cleanly shaven lower section for a polished yet edgy vibe.

Taper Fade With Curly Slick

taper fade with curly slick

Combining a gradual fade at the sides with a mass of lustrous curls on top, this style marries classic sharpness with playful texture.

Disconnected Curly Slick Back

disconnected curly slick back

The Disconnected Curly Slick Back creates a bold contrast by sharply separating the sides—often faded or completely shaved—from the voluminous, slicked-back curls on top.

Curly Slick With Design Lines

curly slick with design lines

Incorporate geometric patterns or creative shaves along the sides to accentuate your slicked-back curls with an artistic flair.

Slick Back With Curly Fringe

slick back with curly fringe

The style combines the classic slick back with a playful curly fringe, adding a modern twist to a timeless look.

Asymmetrical Curly Slick

asymmetrical curly slick

This style adds edgy flair by slicking the curls back asymmetrically, creating a dynamic contrast between the smooth and textured sides.

Voluminous Curly Blow Back

voluminous curly blow back

Harness the power of volume and curls for a dynamic style that pushes waves backward, offering fullness and motion that captivate.

Slick Back With Curly Top Knot

slick back with curly top knot

The style combines the sleekness of a traditional slick back with the playful edge of a curly top knot for a daring and dynamic look.

Curly Slick With Hard Part

Incorporate a sharp, defined line into the style, providing a striking contrast between the sleek sides and the vivacity of the curls above.

Double Textured Slick Back

double textured slick back

Combining sleek roots with tousled curls on top, the double texture slick back adds a playful twist to a classic style.

Slick Back With Curly Quiff

slick back with curly quiff

The Slick Back with Curly Quiff combines the classic sleekness with a playful, volumized front for an edgy twist on traditional styles.