15 Loose Curls Men Styles: Trendy Ideas to Enhance Your Look

Discover how to achieve and style loose curls for men, giving you the lowdown on techniques and products for that perfect, carefree bounce.

Sea Salt Spray Method

sea salt spray method

Spritzing sea salt spray into damp hair and scrunching can add volume and create a natural-looking, wavy texture.

Finger Twirls

finger twirls

Finger twirls shape your hair into relaxed curls by coiling individual sections around your finger, creating a tousled, natural effect.

Curl Sponge Technique

curl sponge technique

A curl sponge, with its textured holes, twists short hair into defined, springy curls with a simple rubbing motion over the head.

Diffused Blow-Dry

diffused blow dry

A diffuser attachment on a blow-dryer softly spreads out air flow to encourage volume and define waves without causing frizz.

Rag Rolling

rag rolling

Rag rolling is an age-old technique where strips of cloth are used to roll and set hair into bouncy curls without heat.

Braid-Out Style

braid out style

The Braid-Out Style transforms straight hair into waves overnight by setting it in multiple braids and then releasing them the next day for soft and defined curls.

Sleep-In Bun Trick

sleep in bun trick

The Sleep-In Bun Trick involves setting damp hair into a loose bun overnight, resulting in natural waves after being released in the morning.

Twisted Pin Curls

twisted pin curls

Twisted pin curls sculpt waves while locking in moisture, optimal for those aiming to reduce frizz in their loose, curly mane.

Soft Roller Set

soft roller set

Soft rollers deliver gentler, more natural-looking waves without the heat damage often caused by irons and tongs.

Flexi Rods Use

flexi rods use

Flexi rods bend easily to set hair into lively, bouncy curls without heat.

Overnight Sock Curls

overnight sock curls

Overnight sock curls utilize common household items to create effortless waves without heat, ensuring a gentle method to achieve a relaxed, tousled look by morning.

Heatless Headband Wrap

heatless headband wrap

The Heatless Headband Wrap creates relaxed waves overnight without exposing hair to damaging heat.

Pin Curl Clips

pin curl clips

Pin curl clips shape the hair into desirable coils without applying heat, making them a good choice for achieving a natural curly look.

Mini French Braids

mini french braids

Mini French braids, left in overnight, can create intricate waves for a subtle, tousled look.

Silk Scarf Wrap

silk scarf wrap

Wrapping hair in a silk scarf overnight can lead to soft, defined curls without the damage of heat styling.